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Latest Additions and Changes

[03/15] Annika Amour, Los Angeles (Also here)
[03/15] Mistress Lauren Dior, Melbourne, Australia
[03/15] Boudoir Rouge, Brooklyn, New York (Also here)
[03/15] London Submissive Girls, London, UK (other - submissives)

[02/03] Empress Elysium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[02/03] Mistress Coral Korrupt, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (changed location)

[01/05] Domina Caitlin, Staten Island, New York (Also here, here, here, here, here)
[01/05] Mistress Aura, Near Winchester, Virginia (Also Washington DC)
[01/05] Queen Kitty, St. Louis, Missouri
[01/05] Miss Anastasia Pride, Mannheim, Germany

[12/23] Mistress Evilyne, London, UK
[12/23] Mistress Fatal Rose, Brussels, Belgium

[12/21] Mistress Amanda La Fatale, New York
[12/21] Mistress Valentina, New York (Also here, here)
[12/21] Maitresse Noblesse, Brussels, Belgium (Also Amsterdam, Luxembourg & London - corrected listing)

[12/18] Madame Myst, Near Winchester, Virginia (Also surrounding areas & Washington DC)
[12/18] Miranda Pain, Sydney, Australia
[12/18] Lady Keira, Las Vegas, Nevada
[12/18] Mistress Michaela, Lisbon, Portugal [12/18] Domina Fire, Manila, Philippines

[12/17] Mistress Victoria St. James, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
[12/17] Cougardomme, Chicago, Illinois (Also St. Louis, SE Florida and New Orleans - Caution music)
[12/17] Mistress Summer Storm, Adelaide, Australia

[12/16] Penny Barber, San Fracisco (Also Oakland - Switch)
[12/16] HRH Countess Cane, New York (Also here)

[12/01] Empress Angelique Blaque, Seattle, Washington (secondary - Also here)
[12/01] Mistress Veronica, Atlanta, Georgia (changed location)
[12/01] Mistress Panzar, Sydney, Australia
[12/01] Mistress Kittydoll, Los Angeles (TV/TS)
[12/01] Goddess Dark Bonita, Long Beach, California (Also Edmonton Alberta, Canada)
[11/29] Mistress Alana Aradia, New York (Also here, here)
[11/29] Mistress Wanda von H, Vevey, Switzerland
[11/29] Domina Caitlin, Staten Island, New York (Also here, here, here, here, here)
[11/29] Mistress Unknown, New York (Also New Jersey & Long Island Also here)
[11/29] Commander Sophie, London, UK (Also here)
[11/26] Mistress Mina Gnosis, Los Angeles (Also New York - Also here, here)
[11/26] Domina Cielo, San Francisco (Also here)
[11/26] Mistress Elizabeth Kaiser, Manchester, UK
[11/26] Lady Jenna, Dusseldorf, Germany
[11/26] Mistress Francine, Distance training
[11/20] Mistress Nin, London, UK
[11/20] Mistress Alexa Ortease, Los Angeles (Also San Diego / San Francisco)
[11/20] Domina Vivian, Phoenix (also Scottsdale)
[11/20] Diva Saphira, Berlin, Germany
[11/20] Mistress Victoria, Toronto, Canada (and travels)
[11/20] Domina Lilliana, Santa Rosa, California (Also here)
[11/19] Domme Alexia, Palm Beach, Florida
[11/19] Miss Flora Revel, Toronto, Canada
[11/19] Mistress Lucy, UK (distance training)
[11/19] Mistress Jade Tiger, New Haven, Connecticut (Also here, here, here)
[11/17] Onya Cox / Mistress Mizery, Las Vegas, Nevada (Also Los Angeles)
[11/17] Destiny, Palm Beach, Florida
[11/17] Goddess Capri, Atlanta, Georgia
[11/17] Madame Elizabeth English, Peoria, Illinois (changed URL)
[11/17] Princess Lola, Southampton, UK
[11/13] Mistress Ivy, Seattle, Washington (Also here)
[11/13] Erica Catharsis, Portland, Oregon
[11/13] Mistress Alexia, Charlotte, North Carolina
[11/13] Modern Empress, London, UK
[11/11] Miss C and Miss M, Stockholm, Sweden
[11/11] Queensdome, Hamburg, Germany
[11/11] Lady Aurora, Hamburg, Germany (Also here, here, here)
[11/11] Domina Dakota, Hamburg, Germany (Also here, here, here, here)
[11/11] Lady Cherie Noir, (Also Clips, clips)
[11/11] Herrin Jessy, Hamburg, Germany
[11/11] Domina Djinny, Hamburg, Germany
[11/11] Miss Larissa, Hamburg, Germany
[11/10] Rebecca Knox, Los Angeles
[11/10] Mistress Magdalyn, Bozeman, Montana
[11/10] Miss Sophia, Seattle, Washington (Also here)
[11/10] Olivia Fitzgerald, London, UK (and travels)
[11/07] Miss Vera Lamarr, Chicago, Illinois
[11/07] Mistress Nicole, Akron, Ohio
[11/06] Phoenix Frost, San Francisco
[11/06] Mistress Crimson, Toronto, Canada
[11/06] Bottom Up (other interesting - photos / videos of mistresses)
[11/06] Laurent Lebeau Femdom Art (other interesting - portraits of mistresses)
[11/05] Mistress Blunt, New York (Also here, here)
[11/05] Mistress Natasha, Charlottesville, Virginia
[11/05] Maitresse Charlyn, Bangkok, Thailand (Also Cebu island, Philippines)
[11/04] The Ministry Dungeon / Mistress January Frost, Denver / Boulder, Colorado
[11/04] Mistress Josephine Drake, San Francisco
[11/04] TS Mistress Mia, Dallas, Texas (TV/TS - changed URL)
[11/04] Maitresse Eliza Sauvage, Lyon, France
[11/03] Mistress Elliot, Kansas City, Missouri
[10/29] Madame Gillette, Leipzig, Germany
[10/29] Mistress Ana, Toronto, Canada
[10/29] Mistress Maia, Toronto, Canada
[10/27] Domina Lady Maclaine, Berlin, Germany (Also here)
[10/27] Jung Domina Tinka, Zurich, Switzerland
[10/27] Mistress Elektra, London, UK
[10/27] German Mistress Imperia, London, UK
[10/27] Chateau de Sade, Chicago, Illinois
[10/27] Studio Sabine, Bremen, Germany
[10/26] Domme Victoria, Dallas, Texas
[10/26] Kandii Kiss, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Also here)
[10/26] Mistress Dark Lily, Bucharest, Romania
[10/26] Mistress Dita, Hull, UK
[10/24] Mistress Jacqueline, St. Louis, Missouri
[10/24] Miss Erin, Chicago, Illinois
[10/24] Miss Erin Black, Chicago, Illinois
[10/24] Mistress Ginger Monroe, Orlando, Florida (changed location)
[10/24] Domme Olivia, Denver, Colorado
[10/24] Exotic Angel, Los Angeles
[10/24] Mommy Sarah, Ottawa, Canada (and travels across Canada & US)
[10/24] Goddess Raine, Beverly Hills, California (distance training)
[10/18] Ms. Maya Midnight, New York
[10/18] Britta Olsen, New York
[10/18] Maitresse Mathia, Montreal, Canada
[10/18] Lady Jasmin Bouvoir, Zurich, Switzerland
[10/18] Davina Dust, Munich, Germany
[10/18] Domina Barbara, Belgrade, Serbia
[10/17] Mistress Sage St. John, New York
[10/17] Mistress Saleme, Sydney, Australia
[10/17] Maitresse Dominella, Avignon, France
[10/17] Mistress Trinity, Denver, Colorado
[10/17] Domme Bella, Brighton/Gatwick, UK
[10/17] Miss Ai, Hong Kong
[10/17] Baroque Mansion, Bucharest, Romania
[10/17] Ms Cynthia, Orange County, California
[10/17] Mistress Lilith, Glasgow, Scotland
[10/17] Mistress Margot Rose, New York (secondary)
[10/17] Mistress Carly Castille, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (changed location & URL)
[10/17] Miss Raven Philadelphia PA (previously distance training only)
[10/16] Miss Vero, New York (Also here)
[10/16] Ginger Steele, Chicago, Illinois
[10/14] Institut Divine, Winterthur, Switzerland
[10/14] Lady Natalia Bizarrelle, Berlin, Germany
[10/14] Mistress Jessica, Tenerife, Spain (Changed location - Caution sound - Frequent visits to UK/Belfast - Also here)
[10/14] Mistress Kiley, Phoenix, Arizona
[10/14] Mistress Bas de Soie, Glasgow, Scotland (distance training)
[10/12] Bella Sultana, Chicago, Illinois (secondary)
[10/12] Ms. Tara Sterling, San Francisco (changed URL)
[10/12] Ms Star , Cincinatti, Ohio (caution - prepayments with no followup have been reported)
[10/12] Princess J, Ithaca, New York (corrected location)
[10/12] Miss Pandora Jones, Washington DC / Baltimore (Also Philadelphia - Also here)
[10/12] SM Studio Tina, Anthwerp, Belgium
[10/12] SM Studio Antwerpen, Anthwerp, Belgium
[10/12] Maitresse Eliza, Geneva, Switzerland
[10/12] Mistress Magpie, Plymouth / Bristol, UK
[10/12] Lady Cornelia, Manchester, UK
[10/12] Mistress C, Los Angeles
[10/12] Lady Lydia, Seattle, Washington (corrected link)
[10/12] Domina Liza, Midlands, UK
[10/12] Divas Dome, Koln, Germany
[10/10] Mistress Annabel / Twisted Clinic, London, UK (secondary)
[10/10] Mistress Ruth, Amsterdam / The Hague, Holland
[10/10] Mistress Gemini, Ithaca, New York (Changed location - Also Los Angeles - Also here)
[10/10] Lady Azelle, Toronto, Canada
[10/10] Goddess Elora, Atlanta, Georgia (Also here)
[10/10] Mistress Nilah, Atlanta, Georgia (Also here)
[10/10] Bossy Delilah, Atlanta, Georgia (Also New York - Also here, here)
[10/10] Lady Coregan Spanks, Denver, Colorado
[10/10] Mistress Paris, Bedfordshire, UK
[10/09] Mistress Sun Dance, Louisville, Kentucky
[10/09] Ms Vanity Sin, Las Vegas, Nevada
[10/09] Mistress Tahlia, Sydney, Australia
[10/09] Mistress Eva Winters, near Burlington, Vermont (changed URL)
[10/08] Diva Nikita Wilde, The Hague, Holland (Also here)
[10/08] Miss Ava Zhang, Los Angeles
[10/08] Mistress Morana, London, UK
[10/07] Strictly Miss Lisa, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[10/07] Princess Domina, Trenton, Michigan
[10/07] Mistress CJ, Springfield, Illinois (caution - readers reported prepayment with no followup)
[10/07] Zoe Harlow, San Francisco (restored)
[10/07] Princess Tiffany, Atlanta, Georgia (changed location)
[10/03] Mistress Genevieve, New Orleans, Louisiana (changed location)
[10/03] Donatella Den, New York (Changed Name & URL - previously Dungeon of Mistress Jasmine)
[10/01] Your Mistress C, Colorado Springs, Colorado (TV/TS)
[10/01] Domme Diamond, Houston, Texas
[09/30] Captain Vanity, Columbia, South Carolina
[09/30] Miss Luna / Nanny Luna, London (Also here)
[09/29] Miss Varla, New York
[09/29] Goddess Cheyenne, Atlanta, Georgia (Also here)
[09/29] Fetish Goddess Samantha, Atlanta, Georgia (Also here)
[09/29] Goddess Brianna, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Also here, here)
[09/29] Jacqueline DuMonde, San Diego
[09/29] Mistress Morgan Thorne, Toronto, Canada (Also here)
[09/29] Mistress Ronda, Portland, Oregon
[09/29] Goddess Nirvana, Brighton/London, UK
[09/29] Domina Katie, Virginia Beach, Virginia
[09/29] Transvestite Mistress, Surrey, UK (TV/TS)
[09/27] Mistress Jade Thunderstorm, Seattle, Washington
[09/27] Mistress Mal Martine, New York (also here, here)
[09/27] Mistress Vetter, Birmingham, Alabama
[09/27] Mitochondrial Eve, Washington DC
[09/27] Goddess Phoenix, Atlanta, Georgia
[09/24] Mistress Katerina, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
[09/24] Orlandoe, New York (Also here)
[09/24] Lady Sophia, Berlin, Germany (Also here)
[09/23] Mistress Brass, Hollywood, Florida (updated)
[09/23] Mistress Sasha Mizaree, Vancouver, Canada
[09/23] Coco Fatale, Hamburg, Germany
[09/23] Mistress Jenna Jones, Atlanta, Georgia (Also here)
[09/23] Mademoiselle Stella, Boston, Massachusetts
[09/23] Shayana Diabola, Koln, Germany
[09/23] Snobby Alexa, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
[09/21] Mistress Suzanne, Hamburg, Germany (Also here)
[09/21] Mistress Meana, New York (Also here)
[09/20] Kinky Gaga, Los Angeles (in-person sessions here)
[09/18] Ophelia de Havilland, West Sussex, UK (and travels)
[09/18] Mistress Suzzie, Southampton, UK
[09/18] Dea Selvaggia, Dalmine, Lombardy, Italy
[09/18] Mistress Tara, Sydney, Australia (Also here)
[09/17] Relinquish Control, New York
[09/17] Miss Samantha Fierce, New York
[09/11] Ms. Lady Kennedy, Vancouver, Canada
[09/11] Miss Jessica Wood, Watford, Hertfordshire, UK (Also Glasgow, Scotland - Also here, here)
[09/11] Safa Warda, Chicago, Illinois (wrestling/boxing)
[09/11] MM Club, Wellington, New Zealand (changed URL)
[09/11] Mistress Alexis Banks, London, UK
[09/11] Maitresse Altea, Paris, France (Also Sierre, Switzerland - Also here, here)
[09/09] Mistress Kara, Los Angeles (Also here)
[09/09] Mistress Talia, Sydney, Australia (Also here)
[09/09] Mistress Slipp, Columbus, Ohio (caution - prepayments with no followup have been reported)
[09/07] Karin Sin, San Francisco
[09/07] Ms. X, West Denver/Lakewood, Colorado
[09/07] Mistress Dee, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
[09/07] Mistress Malai, Madrid, Spain
[09/07] Mistress Chambers, Coventry, Warwickshire, UK (Also here)
[09/05] Sabine Venatrice, San Francisco
[09/05] Mistress Raven Hart, Los Angeles
[09/05] Mistress Britta, New York (Also LA - caution music)
[09/05] Mistress Deven, Saratoga, New York
[09/05] Mistress Tes, Rochester, New York
[09/05] Mistress V, New York (caution music)
[09/04] Miss Sheri Darling, Los Angeles
[09/04] Mistress Lucy, Los Angeles
[09/04] Nurse D'Vita, Los Angeles
[09/04] Mistress Katrina, Austin, Texas
[09/04] Domina Ruby Enraylls, Seattle, Washington
[09/04] Mistress Emma Switch, Bucharest, Romania (Also Anthwerp, Belgium)
[09/04] Lady Lola, London, UK (changed location)
[09/04] Dr. Karma Thomson, Toronto, Canada
[09/03] Angelica Andrews, Hertfordshire/Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire, UK
[09/03] Mistress Angelica, North Staffordshire, UK
[09/03] The Fetish Frenzy, El Paso, Texas
[09/03] Mistress D Mia, Stockholm, Sweden
[09/02] Mistress Naughtya, Cleveland, Ohio (changed location)
[09/02] Kris Macabre, New York (switch)
[09/02] The Women, New York
[08/30] Morgan Sterling, Los Angeles (Switch - Also here)
[08/30] Iron Gates Studios SFV, Los Angeles
[08/30] Azia Dia, Los Angeles (Also here)
[08/30] Mistress Maureen, Colorado Springs, Colorado
[08/30] Goddess Savannah, Brighton, UK
[08/29] Empress Angelique, Gary, Indiana (Corrected link - Also Chicago, Illinois)
[08/29] Cybill B. Troy, Los Angeles (Visiting New York - (Changed location - Also here, here)
[08/29] Mistress Violette, New York
[08/29] Mistress Kailey, New York (Also here)
[08/29] Bella Demonella, Fort Lauderdale / South Florida, Florida (Also here)
[08/28] Maitresse Rachel Moore, Las Vegas, Nevada
[08/28] Mistress Kim, Bangkok, Thailand
[08/28] Foot Princess Fawn, Boston, Massachusetts (Also here)
[08/28] Madame Vava, Springfield, Vermont (Also Massachusetts)
[08/28] Mistress Denisse, Manchester, UK
[08/27] Mistress Zaskia, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK
[08/27] Madame C, Hampshire, UK
[08/27] Joelle Barros, New York (switch)
[08/27] Mistress Kat St. Claire, New York (Also here)
[08/27] Mistress Claudia, Perth, Australia
[08/27] Goddess Fire, Meadowlands, New Jersey, (Also here)
[08/21] Mistress Elena Del Toro, New York
[08/21] Mistress Lucy, Los Angeles
[08/21] Mistress Debbie Potter, Manchester, UK
[08/19] Iniquitas, New York
[08/19] Mistress Victoria Robinson, New York (Also here)
[08/19] Goddess Cleo, London, UK
[08/19] Mistress Natasha Muller, Mexico City, Mexico
[08/19] Odiele Von Roth, Chicago, Illinois
[08/18] Snow Mercy, Los Angeles (Also here)
[08/18] Alexandra Tiger, New York (Changed location - Also here)
[08/18] Miss Kitty Bliss, London, UK
[08/16] Submission LA, Los Angeles
[08/16] Mistress Jennifer, Austin, Texas (Also Houston)
[08/16] Princess Cathy / Toilet Tantrums, Miami, Florida
[08/16] Lady Rose, Toronto, Canada
[08/16] Vixen House of Domination, Toronto, Canada
[08/16] Miss Morgan Thorne, Toronto, Canada (Also here)
[08/16] Miss Poetry, Toronto, Canada (Also here)
[08/16] Mia Harrington, Brighton, East Sussex, UK (Also here)
[08/16] Lady Remi, London, UK (changed URL)
[08/15] Mistress Alexus, Rochester, New York (Also New York City)
[08/15] Eva Sadistica, Los Angeles
[08/15] Mistress Raffaela, Guangzou, China (& travels in Asia including Singapore, India, Hong Kong)
[08/15] Mistress Nurie, Zurich, Switzerland
[08/15] Domina Silvia, Ha▀loch near Mannheim, Germany (Also here)
[08/15] Mistress Juliette De Sade, London, UK (Also Yorkshire Also here, here)
[08/15] Mistress Victoria, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[08/14] The Domina Diva, Orange County, California (changed URL)
[08/14] Miss Domina, Budapest, Hungary (changed URL)
[08/14] Switch Spanky, Los Angeles (switch)
[08/11] Mistress Vivianna, Los Angeles (Also here)
[08/11] Mistress Natasha Romanov, New Orleans, Louisiana
[08/11] Mistress Kaya, New York
[08/11] Kris Macabre, New York (switchable)
[08/11] Mistress Sasha, New York
[08/11] Mistress Miranda Mayfair, New York (secondary)
[08/11] Mistress Trinity, Los Angeles
[08/10] Mistress Malice, Warrington, Cheshire, UK
[08/10] Mistress Martine Phoenix, New York (corrected)
[08/10] Mistress Alyx, New York (Also here)
[08/10] The Art of Submission, New York (Also here)
[08/09] Domina Erzulie, Montreal, Canada
[08/09] Valencia Rio, New York (Changed URL - Also Albany)
[08/09] Miss Theresa, Columbus, Ohio (Also here)
[08/08] Mistress Allison, New York
[08/08] Mistress Michelle Lacy, South Florida (also New York/Long Island)
[08/07] Mistress Heaven, Shanghai, China
[08/07] Gin, San Francisco
[08/07] Miss Kayla, Austin, Texas (Also San Antonio)
[08/07] Lady Cornelia, Manchester, UK
[08/04] Desir Secret, Bruxelles, Belgium
[08/04] Domina Simone Roux, New York
[08/04] Mistress Edie Elson, Los Angeles, California
[08/03] Mistress Lynn Pops, Los Angeles
[08/03] Mistress Bailey, New York (Also here)
[08/03] Ingrid Frost, London, UK (Changed location - Also here)
[08/03] Atlanta Dungeon, Atlanta, Georgia
[08/03] Mistress Kordelia Devonshire, St. Louis, Missouri (travels extensively)
[08/03] Mistress XTC, Near Sacramento / Folsom, California
[08/03] Bella Sultana, Chicago, Illinois
[08/03] Elysium Collective, Chicago, Illinois
[08/03] Mistress Clawdia Byrd, Chicago, Illinois (changed URL)
[08/03] Madame Elizabeth English, Peoria, Illinois (changed URL)
[08/03] Mistress Jenna, New York (Also here)
[08/02] Mistress Alegria, Baltimore, Maryland (Also here)
[08/02] Mistress Kayla, Mississauga, near Toronto, Canada (Also here)
[08/02] Mistress Sasha Starr, Orlando, Florida (changed location)
[08/02] Mistress Amelia, New York (TV/TS)
[08/01] Mistress Morgandy, New York
[08/01] Miss Lauren, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[07/31] Stunning Margot Rose, New York
[07/31] Cyn Studios NYC, New York
[07/31] Mistress Alexa Complex, New York (At Cyn Studios NYC)
[07/31] Mistress Alaia Sin, New York (At Cyn Studios NYC)
[07/31] Ms Julie Spanks, Salt Lake City, Utah (Also Portland, Oregon - Also here)
[07/30] Trinity, Toronto, Canada
[07/30] Goddess HellFire, Ottawa, Canada (changed URL)
[07/30] Mistress Alecto, Huddersffield, Yorkshire, UK
[07/28] Psyche Smith, New York
[07/28] Mistress Zariah Simone, New York
[07/27] Mistrses Sophia, New York
[07/27] Goddess Fae, San Diego
[07/27] Mistress Eleise, Vancouver, Canada
[07/27] Mistress Caprice, New York
07/04] Mistress Bryce, New York
[07/04] Thunder Kittens, New York (wrestling)
[07/04] Miss Ruby Storm, New York
[07/04] Mistress Cynthia Stone, Los Angeles
05/20] Mistress Malai, Madrid, Spain
[05/20] Miss Dita, Anthwerp, Belgium
[05/20] Mistress Eleanor, South Yorkshire,, UK
[05/20] Elegant Mistress Georgina, Dublin, Ireland
[05/20] Goddess Rachel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
[05/20] Fetish Chamber, Los Angeles (Also here)
[05/20] Mistress Josie, New York
[05/19] Mistress Miranda Mayfair, New York
[05/19] Mistress Linda, London, UK (changed location)
[05/19] The Duchess, New York (distance training)
[05/02] Miss Madeline, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[05/02] Mistress Naomi Fatale, New York (Also here)
[05/02] Mistress Alice Malice, London, UK
[05/02] Lori Diletto, New York
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