The purpose of the Reviews board is to help you select a compatible mistress. Please do not abuse this tool.

I generally do not like rules, but I feel compelled to put in some detailed guidelines. Please read them carefully.

1) Reviews about in-person prodomination sessions only. No parties, phone sessions, etc.

2) NEVER discuss illegal activities.HELP PROTECT the people you're discussing. Do not divulge non-public personal information, non-public phone numbers, names, etc

3) It is OK to enquire about specific dommes. However, asking "Who's the best mistress in New York" makes you look silly. If you have specific interests and needs, clarify them. Please do your homework and read some of the mistresses' websites.

4) Keep the reviews on the reviews board, and the comments/analysis/editorials/discussions of issues on the general board. Especially, please don't talk about matters related to the administrative aspects of the boards, etc, on the reviews board.

5) Please only post reviews that are intelligible and useful to others. This means FACTUAL reviews:

- No hearsay... first hand reviews only
- No Mistress so and so sucks, without explanations
- No Mistress so and so is my goddess, I proclaim my neverending devotion, without explanations
- If you are describing a visit that is over a few months old, please state so
- Do not harp on a single issue. Make your point, and move on. In other words,
if there is someone you have had a negative experience with, just state so once instead of talking about a single incident over and over again.

6) Bear in mind that many people, including the mistress you're talking about, may read the messages that you post. You're talking about real individuals, with real lives and real businesses. A domme's livelihood may suffer from a caustic flippant comment. Do not do so lightly, and always be respectful. If you're making negative comments, you must state the facts courteously and politely, and simply describe the cause of your dissatisfaction. Do not be insulting.

7) Some background: You are ultimately responsible for your own wellbeing. Professional domination is a consensual activity between adults which entails inherent risks. To play, you must behave responsibly and use appropriate precautions, including the use of a safeword, clearly stating your limits, and the discussion of any physical limitations you may have. Even then, accidents happen. Do not assume or imply that the domme is completely responsible for your physical wellbeing - she is only responsible for assisting you in taking reasonable precautions.

8) There are as many styles of domination and submission as there are individuals. Those who don't share your style aren't necessarily "bad". Don't lose sight of the fact that the whole point of BDSM is to keep an open mind.

9) The idea here is to provide information about specific mistresses - please avoid generalizations, and discussing people who are not domination providers (eg dungeon owners, management, etc) is out of the scope of Reviews.

I'm sorry to be so explicit with the rules. I hope you can still enjoy the reviews within these parameters.