My session with Ella Strictland.

I have lurked for a while on Maxfisch but have not posted. I am pretty much a newbie who has had some pretty disappointing sessions in the past and really didn't know what to think of BDSM. I just wanted to share with anybody who is interested in reading about a wonderful mistress, who guided me on a great journey and left me with a thirst for more experiences in the future. I realize most posters who are new are not viewed as credible as many people think they are just a pawn of the mistress or maybe somebody else, but as a newbie, I can attest that this review of Mistress Ella Strictland is honest and entirely my own. Mistress Strictland never asked me to write a review of her...... I actually asked her if I could share my wonderful experience with the people here in case there are other "lurkers" who would like to give BDSM another try, or some who are frustrated by substandard sessions in the past.

I sent Ella an introductory email with my general interests and limitations and she sent back a questionnaire which was much more detailed. She accepted my session request, but I could clearly tell she was interested in doing more than I had written to her.

On Session day, I was a nervous wreck. Her Dungeon is located in a beautiful townhouse which is situated in a nice discreet location. Mistress Ella opened the door and welcomed me in. She looked so beautiful and absolutely stunning in the red leather outfit and Black thigh high boots I had requested her to wear. It was one of her pictures on her web page and I was always enthralled with her picture in that outfit being a bit of a fetishist. I usually prefer a mature Domme as I am 46, and I had her affirm that she was at least 30 years old. I actually thought she was below 30 when she opened the door and I initially cast my eyes upon her. Her hair was perfect and she presented herself impeccably. I have only had a few sessions so I am a novice, but I will say I think her dungeon is absolutely beautiful. Everything is super clean and very organized. She has one of the most beautiful bathrooms I have seen in a home ( akin to an Upscale Hotel in Las Vegas) complete with gold fixtures and a beautiful steam shower. I would imagine she is naturally a "neat freak" and it only helped me with building my trust and confidence in her.

She interviewed me again before she started the session, and after I finished answering all her questions she concluded that the activities I was apprehensive of were going to be explored and she was going to introduce me to Bondage, electricity, and anal play in a safe and enjoyable way. I was very nervous as some of those activities were explored with other dommes and I really didn't enjoy any of them that much. She exudes confidence and is quite naturally dominant, so I felt safe with her at the controls.

Mistress Ella started the session with a bondage experience. I was told to lie face down on the bondage bed and Mistress Ella sensually hogtied me to the table. I was helpless in a matter of minutes. She adjusted the hogtie so I was comfortable, and not in any pain or other discomfort. She wanted me to be restricted, not uncomfortable so I could enjoy the experience. Once I was hogtied, she started teasing me verbally and with her skilled hands as she probed and poked me. Next, she reversed straddled me while I was hogtied and sat on the back of my head. She rubbed her leather mini-skirt allover my head varying the pressure. She then started to spank me hard with different tools until I was very read and had to beg her to stop. She did some really creative things I have never experienced before like ensuring I was worshiping the stiletto heal of her leather boots while she used the most dreaded tool of all.... the wooden hairbrush.

Next, Mistress Ella, told me to get ready for a mini - enema to make sure I was ready for beginning anal play. I was hogtied and helpless, so all I could do was cringe, as I just didn't know what to expect. I had not had an enema since I was five years old, so I had mixed feelings about it. She inserted a small enema, untied me, and told me to go to the bathroom. This has a very humiliating experience for me, but I was getting pretty intrigued with Mistress Ella, so I was willing to go further.

Next, she put me on the medical table and inspected my cock, balls, and everything else. She noticed my cock dripping a little and wiped everything up, walked over to me and SLAP, SLAP, SLAP across the face...... she really knows how to face slap well, and man was she mad at me. She told me I was terribly impolite and it better not happen again. Next, she inserted a Butt Plug into me and tied it in with some string, which she then used on my balls at the same time. She took me over to her suspension unit and rigged me up in full suspension. The feeling of being suspended was wonderful and I loved it. She had an electric hoist mechanism and it was a blast. She finished cuffing my arms and legs, then inserted an electrical anal probe and hooked it up to some kind of metal box. I was petrified as I didn't think I would ever enjoy electrical play. I didn't really understand it, and thought it was pretty dangerous as I do have an occasional irregular heartbeat, which although I have been fully checked out by a doctor, I was still very concerned. Mistress Ella started the machine on a very low setting and wow.... I actually liked it..... The anal feeling was really relaxing and nice. In fact, one time, when the probe fell off, I was extremely quick to remind her to PLEASE plug it back in
She cranked up the power from low- medium slowly and I really enjoyed myself as my prostate was in heaven. Suspension was wonderful and I am really glad I tried it with Mistress Ella.

Mistress Ella then decided to really tease me while in this state of euphoria. She lowered the suspension until my body was about 6 inches off the ground. She put a leg on each side of my head and told me to start kissing and worshiping her boots. I was helpless and could only lick and kiss. She would slowly raise the suspension unit so it was raising my head up to different parts of her boots. The electric hoist moved me higher and higher to her thighs, then crotch, and then her perfect butt until the pressure would smother me. She controlled the pressure by raising and lowering the electric hoist. She laughed at my predicament, and started sensually talking to me describing her body to me and what was happening to my cock. Basically as she got me excited, the blood filled it and OUCH ... the rope bondage on my cock would make things ache all over. She laughed and continued the scenario over and over as I went from pleasure to pain very quickly. She even added nipple clamps to the occasion which added more to the torment, but she was really teaching me how to enjoy the pain, and take more each time.....Fabulous!!

Session time was coming to an end and she quickly untied me from the suspension and allowed me some sensual boot/leg worship time. I guess she figured I had earned it after stretching my limits and trying new things. She is very perceptive and knew exactly what I liked, and allowed me to get turned on to the max before the session ended. I think she got mad at me at the end of the session, because I orgasmed without permission, but hopefully all is forgiven. The punishment was pretty harsh.

Mistress Ella is a wonderful domme who gives a great session. I particularly like the way she incorporated all my interests in a most creative way. Experience is a wonderful thing, and I was lucky to have a session with Mistress Ella. She never rushed me out the door. I felt like an important client and if anybody reading this is contemplating trying some new things which they have never done before, I can not think of a better domme than Mistress Ella. She is safe, sane, and a real professional. You will be in safe, experienced hands.
Thank You Mistress Ella!!