Last night, I had a scheduled session with Mistress Ella Strictland. It was a late Sunday evening session as Ms Ella had a ClubFem dinner to attend, we set the time to accompany Her enguagement.

It started as I drove down the freeway, a major accident which put me about 10 minutes behind. I rushed to make up lost time as it's never good to be late. So, the only thing on my mind was to get to the Iron Gate. I quickly parked my car, got out and headed toward the door. I noticed something unusual. There was a lady standing at the door, Instantly I thought it was a neighbor and wasn't sure what to do. I just walked up to the door and gave a pleasantly shy hello. Before I knew it, Ms Ella opened the door. Chuckled and asked if we came together. Invited both of us in and told me to go strip and get ready to serve. I was informed that Ms X, a lifestyle Domme was there to watch her first medical session. At this time, i was twitching and started heating up. I was completely shocked as I had no idea this was in the plans. I was in complete shock and one nervous puppy.
Ms Ella instructed me to retreive a chair and place it in the med room for Ms X. I did so and then went into the other room and stood waiting to be hung from the ceiling for a whipping.
Im so nervous as Mistress Ella is laughing and making fun of me while telling Ms X everything about me. I received a beating while the guest stood behind me watching. Ms Ella was making fun of me because I wasn't excited as I always am serving Her. She then told Ms X "I know how to get his cock hard, watch this" Ms Ella began to whip it and sure enough I became extremly erect. Ms X moved around so She could watch me being whipped and getting harder with each snap. I could tell She liked this and it only excited me more.
Ms Ella placed a collar around my neck, pulled me along into the med room. I was ordered upon the table, legs spread, cock and balls tied to the ceiling and then probed with a cold thick ano probe then penetrated with a large electric anal plug which was quickly connected. At this time Ms X was sitting there, watching as Ms Ella continued to fill Her in everything there was about me and that that things were going to pick up a bit.
My cock and balls were cut free, cleaned and preped for piercing. Once this started, Ms X got up walked around the table and stood directly across from Ms Ella. My cock just gets harder with each needle that is pierced, one after another from the bottom of the shaft all the way up to the rim of my head. Ms X is really enjoying this, saying how awesome it looks and how hot it was. Ms Ella grabs more leads, the little slut knows whats next, wait until you see this. Leads were ran up and down my shaft sending electrical currents up and down my cock. Then hooks up a whartenberg wheel to the power, runs it up and down my cock over the needles, around and over the head of mycock, sending me into a frenzy. She then grabs a pratt sound and penetrates my slut hole to see how much i can take since im hard as a rock at this moment. She then grabs a rosebud sound, hooks a lead to it and starts screwing my cock with it while the electricity is pounding me and getting me even more excited. Ms X is now really enjoying herself and tells Ms Ella that this is extremly hot and that in all the videos she has seen, the slaves didn't react like i do to these tortures. It's obvious that I am enjoying the torments as my cock throbs, i moan and beg for more. Now im completely turned on having this stanger watching me. Im really excited accpeting all of this and looking forward to getting fucked.
Ms Ella tells Ms X that she is going to milk me, instructed me to go get in position on the bench. I climb up, resting on m belly, knees down, elbows down ass up and hard cock dangling below.
Ms Ella gives me a quick pounding with a medium size cock and then tells Ms X to come around and watch my cock. It's time for my milking, Ms Ella massages my prostate and the fawcett is turned on, I drained so fast hand hard, Ms X is laughing and smiling with complete pleasue and says "Your such a fun toy" im milked some more, then Ms Ella gets the big red cock and starts pounding me with it, while talking about what a slut i am. Then, more milking as Ms X is still bent down watching as the cum just runs out of me in a solid stream on the doggy pad until it stops and no more comes out after several minutes. drained dry, then Ms X says She must be going, when getting ready to leave She offered to watch me serve anytime Ms Ella wanted. She was walked to the door then I was mounted once again and pounded for about 15 minutes with that big red thick cock that I just found out I loved.
Just another day at the Iron Gate, Mistress Ella keeps taking me further and finding new ways for me to entertain Her pleasures.
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