They say that fear of someone’s reputation and presence whether rational or irrational can defeat you before ever facing that person. rumor, image, propaganda or all of the above can be great weapons when used properly and in the right hands the most powerful of tools.

It was Irene’s videos that so many years ago shaped my fantasies and created a thirst in me that would eventually lead me to her doorstep. My initial fears of this woman, who on film is a brutal and violent taskmaster with a rapier comedic wit, would eventually subside once being in her presence and experiencing the real woman face to face. I would find that she was all of these things and at the same time none.

Upon learning that The Boss was teaming up with Madame Katorga of The State, another woman high on my list of scene Boogey(wo)men, I tried to find the courage within to finally face these two Entities, as well as my own deepest fears. Madame Katorga epitomizes my opening statement.

I first learned of Madame after reading about the exploits of west coasts original She devil collective better known as GIRL GANG FRIDAYS. From there I would discover the first incarnation of DIRECTORATE 7, Madame's Online Ministry of information. Her Word and image inspired something more than fear, more so dread and a warning for the casual player soon to become captive and victim. With all of this firmly in mind I decided to take the plunge. Fortune favors the bold. Ms Boss offered me a 2-hour session option: 1 hour with each of them with an overlap in between. I promptly booked.

Shortly after Arriving in Pittsburgh I was picked up by Ms Boss and driven back to her Studio in the hills. It was great to see her again and as always she looked stunning. When we arrived at her lair she headed upstairs to change for the session, leaving me in the main dungeon, as I knew the drill: strip. Present tribute and prepare for her. When Ms Boss returned she was decked out in her favorite General Mayhem outfit. I’m not sure if it’s her heavy interest in yoga and Pilates these days but Her body looked incredible. Breast and buttocks were firm and raging. It was very hard to keep my composure.

I was moved to her large table where I was made to lie down for inspection by her. Ms Boss ran her nails across my body alternating from rough to sensuous scratching taking me in. My legs were placed in cuffs and hoisted above my head and apart for easy access to my ass and genitals. I knew from previous experience that anal cleanliness is a must in this dungeon and anything less than that would be trouble. With a well-lubed hand Ms Boss inspected my anus and was pleased with the results. I was made to smell my own ass and she used my body to wipe off her glove.

Once the preliminaries were done the action began. Ms Boss had a full spread of devious devices laid out and prepared. Everything from urethral sounds to electrodes and plugs, she was ready to control me. She started by probing and inspecting my ass with her fingers then moving up to stainless steel electrical butt plugs. Once she saw that I was comfortable with one size I was then moved on to another. Eventually when I had reached my limit we settled on a nice sized thick plug that would deliver a steady and at times maddening current.

Ms Boss delighted in keeping me off balance by occasionally ramping up the Electricity, Making me scream out a few times when I had reached my limits. Moving like an old pro she was constantly adding new things to my body in an effort to keep me thoroughly stimulated. An electrode ring was placed around my cock and multiple sounds invaded my peehole. There was electricity running from ass to front and in between. Ms Boss enjoyed cock fucking me and at one point placed a long curved sim sound in me that she then vibrated with a tuning fork.

After I became a bit comfortable with this, my lower half was put on autopilot with her devices while my upper half met her sadistic attention. My face became her hands best friend as I was slapped to the border of silliness and then some. Both sides and in furious staccato there was no escape. Closing my eyes and not focusing on her only made it worse and I resolved to suffer through it.

Ms Boss made use of my mouth as her spittoon a service I was happy to provide. The ultimate treat of her golden fluid was on the horizon and I was quite thirsty for that. Worshipping her armpits was next as I was firmly smothered beneath her underarms. The aroma was delightful though I was assured that it would soon get more intense as our activity increased. In between these tortures my nipples were repeatedly targeted to the point where the slightest brush made me shudder.

Ms Boss eventually hopped up on my face to begin My favorite part of the session: urinal servitude. I was instructed to open as wide as possible and swallow what I could if not all. Irene delivered a torrent with abandon that covered my face neck and shoulders. Much of it also got into my eyes and nose, which gave her amusement as I struggled to adjust. I was verbally humiliated and told of my failure at this job. To be honest Ms Boss had set me up for failure insuring that I would never be able to drink it all.

I was given another shot at this, though with this time being instructed to suck the urine from her. I was able to receive a few delicious gulps before being ordered to stop. I soon felt Her pressing her firm body against my face with force. She was smothering me. My struggle for air was for naught and fear set in very quickly. She could sense my discomfort that made her even more forceful. My nipples were gripped from my chest behind her back as she sat and her maniacal laugh resonated in my ears. Every so often she would sit up a bit to give me a small gulp of air but not much.

Ms Boss took brief mercy on me but it was a short reprieve towards further humiliation and other impending doom. I tried to recover and compose myself as my nose and eyes were filled with pee that was slowly drying to my face. I was ordered to open wide. I was hoping that Ms Boss was blessing me with more of her golden but things got even worse. She straddled my face this time with her stocking clad butt hole firmly sealed to my mouth. What came next didn’t surprise me as she delivered a monster “health” fart (something only a Vegan could deliver) into my mouth.” I hope you like that,” she said as she laughed hysterically. ”There’s some cucumber in that one. Its good for you”. This was in response to an earlier conversation I had with her in which I expressed my full toilet fantasies involving her. I was given little time to recover as a second even “healthier” fart was delivered into my mouth.

While this was going on I noticed that someone was upstairs stomping about and pacing back and forth. As Ms Boss sat perched on my face she commented on what was to come next. The firm sound of heavy boots above us was Madame. Eventually her presence and sound became closer. The ring of her heels against the dungeons iron staircase sounded my demise. ”Theres not enough screaming for my tastes down here!!!” Madame’s voice boomed and Cut through the air. The sound of madame came closer.due to my position on the table I could not see but only hear her.soon without warning Madame’s stern yet beautiful face was above mine…real pain was about to be delivered.

To be continued

Walt and Jesse 2012