With Madame in the Room I was overcome with a wide mix of emotions. Being restrained to the table I was unable to lift my head and see her. She took a deliberately slow walk towards me enjoying my struggling and frustration at wanting to finally gaze upon her but not being able to do so. Before I knew she was on top of me and her presence was firm. Madame radiates strong warmth and energy and her power can be seen and heard in something as simple as her walk.

Madame looked Delicious. She was candy on 2 legs. Curvy, shapely, and luscious with a core of concrete that could easily be felt when close to her. She wore dark make up that accentuated her lips and silver hued eyes. Her gear was a well-coordinated and aromatic black leather ensemble. From Lid to boots, platform with a serious heel. Custom full-length gloves graced her arms and accentuated her shoulders.

Ms Boss and Madame turned their attentions to each other discussing briefly my activities and most notoriously my piggish deviant appetites. They both expressed Delight at reading my posts and learning of my trigger points and weaknesses.Madame expressed her disgust with my pee addiction as well as my unwillingness To seek help for it. Within Minutes she set the tone for what was to be her turn with Me.

Both Madame and Ms Boss took turns face slapping the onslaught nearly breaking me at times. Madame gripped and squeezed my face as if it were playdough fresh from the can. Her hands had the strength and vice grip of a longshoreman.I was ordered to open wide For me to accept her divine spit. Madame was gracious enough to produce huge gobs of delicious minty spit for me to consume. I was honored. She alternated between this and a combo of choking and face slapping. Madame took great pleasure in torturing my nipples and chest. My “tits” were beat into brutal submission and groped like a hooker in a biker bar. I reached the highest note I could with my screaming which seemed to urge her on. Eventually she tired of this and moved into rougher territory. On that note Irene retired to upstairs for a brief break though promised to come back for a final crack at me.

Madame swiftly climbed to the top of the table I was strapped to supporting herself using the chains that hung from the ceiling. crushing, kicking and trampling with her boots was the order of the day. My face was brutally stomped on and crushed beneath her weight. Behind Her heels made deep imprints against my cheek and lips and there were times that it felt as if she was trying to scrape my face from my head with her boots. I was treated like the sidewalk in front of the studio. Objectified and stepped on with abandon. Madame ordered me to lick the soles and heel of her boots, as well as suck them like my life depended on it. I was impressed with her agility especially so high up and her ability to maintain balances while she kicked me in the face and slapped my cheeks with the side of Her boots.

Madame stepped down from the table and ordered me onto the floor. I lay on my back And with a drill instructor like ferocity she commanded the cleaning and worship of her boots. When I moved to slow for her my face was stomped and crushed.Madame had The technique of a schoolyard bully, introducing a young punk to his first taste of dirt and traumatizing him forever. I was definitely Millhouse to her Nelson, and very happy for it. I was ordered onto my stomach and instructed to suck the toes of her boots as if it were her clit.”These are the skills that make a woman pussy wet!!!” she berated me. I sucked with abandon and was able to feel her toes beneath the leather. With her verbal encouragement I became firmly aroused. The cool rough floor stimulated my cock that by this time was hard as an LSAT.

Madame, pleased from by worship efforts, moved me to a curved leather chaise lounge. My ankles were shackled to a spreader bar hooked beneath the legs preventing me from closing them or protecting myself. My wrists were shackled behind the back of the chaise. I was open and immobilized for her torment. The look on her face said it all and the brutal torture of my genitals was to begin. Her blows quick and accurate. She alternated between firm heavy kicks to my nuts, to crushing and mashing with the platform of her boot. I was defenseless. Madame proved to be great at multitasking and was able to resume her tit torture as well and ramp up our breath play.

With me prone and defenseless Madame climbed on top of me pinning me to the chaise. Her knee was strategically placed on my genitals amplifying my pain and locking them in place. She then made eye contact with me for a few moments almost as if she were attempting to imprint my being with her will. Her hands found their way to my mouth and nose locking of my air. This was done repeatedly to the point where I though I would pass out. My struggles for air did little to faze her.

Madame stood up and viciously grabbed my throat with her gloved hand. Again her strength was impressive as she was almost able to lift me off my back through force. I was choked until my eyes fluttered signaling my lack of air. The look on her face was maniacal and frightened me a bit. What I didn’t realize was that with every grip of my throat my cock was responding greatly to these actions. I noticed Madame staring down at my groin and suddenly laughing. It was like a child discovering a new toy. “Look at your self” she said “this is absolutely Pathetic!!!" my response to her choking amused her and she spent quite some time getting me to reproduce this effect. There were a few moments were I thought I might pop all over myself.

Finally Madame began to wind down a bit. She stopped her willful strangulation of me and took time lightly slapping and playing with my face. I was so disorientated that I didn’t realize that Ms Boss was back in the room. She was wearing full latex, dress and jacket, and commenting on how sweaty her armpits were in that outfit. They both came to the conclusion that armpit worship was in order. My pig senses were on fire and I was salivating. I was offered 2 sets of armpits to worship and made sure to lick with the fiber of my being. Both Madame And Ms bosses arm pits tasted delightful, with Ms Boss having a more pungent and sweaty aroma from the latex.

Somewhat pleased by my armpit efforts Ms Boss announced my final duties before I was to be sent on my way. I was ordered to lick and clean her metal tipped ballet driving shoes. This was a huge limit for me, as I hate worshiping street shoes. Both women sensed me breaking but there was no escaping this. With me laying face down Ms Boss’s shoes were thrust into my face. With Madame behind me I was urged on by the firm kicking from her boots. Madame relished in my thorough ass booting, a much needed attitude adjustment at her hands. She stomped and kicked me with the force of an Oakland pimp educating a lazy “frisco” hooker. My nuts took a beating as well. with what I though was about to be my bowels giving way, I relented and licked clean Ms Bosses driving shoes. I was mortified. Both of them feeding off of the energy of each other were very excited and I feared for my dignity which was at a thread.

After completing this task I was allowed a release for which I was told I would have smeared on my face (along with the pee and spit) to wear home. Unfortunately I was seriously broken and humiliated and could not perform even with their encouragement. It was a bust. Ms Boss was furious and demanded satisfaction she promptly put gloved fingers in my ass and then wiped a thick coat of butt juice on my upper lip. My reward for failure was a dirty Sanchez.

Once the scene was over I was given a snack and water, as we talked for a bit. Ms Boss doing her best to keep me in pig mode did not permit me to clean up or shower. I was to ride back to the hotel a mess. Pee stink, shit-stache and all. I dressed and said my goodbyes to Madame though I would see her the next day for her last day Bar b Que. Ms Boss suggested that since I was unable to cum it would be fitting for me to drink the combined pee of all the woman at the party in front of everyone for entertainment. Lord help me…

The ride back to my hotel was short but full of dread. I would now have to walk through What I knew would be a crowded lobby and im sure a full elevator. “I hope its grand central station at the front desk when we get there“ Ms Boss cackled, mocking me and adding insult to injury. My pig ways and finally gotten the best of me………

To be continued

Walt and Jesse 2012