When we arrived back at my hotel for a second I thought that my worst fears had been realized. At the main entrance sat 2 very attractive young women smoking and looking as if they were waiting for a ride. I said my goodbyes to Ms Boss and made a speedy entrance. As luck would have it other than those 2 woman and one staff member I was able to make it through the lobby, on to the elevator and into my room without adding to my already heaping mountain of shame.

A long shower was in order and once I was squeaky-clean I was able to lie down and reflect on the evening. I felt as if I was floating in my bed as the weight and stress of the month had vanished. I have come to realize that pain and its reaction, screaming out against it can be hugely cathartic. Once settled in I was able to fully “abuse” myself and release a few final drops of tension.

The Next day I received a call in the afternoon instructing me to prepare for that evenings Bar B Que get-together. I was pleased to learn that this is something Ms Boss does for all of the Traveling Mistresses who grace her space. It was a way of finally winding down and interacting outside of the dungeon dynamic. The main attendees would be close personal friends of Ms Boss, other Dommes including the guest Mistress, and the slaves or clients that she played with. I had not been to a function like this in a long time So I was a bit anxious at maintaining my manners as well as my interaction with the other guests. Ms Boss assured me that there would be no play but my public pee drinking was still on the table.

Ms Boss Again picked me up at the hotel and dropped me back at her studio. When we arrived the Beginning smells of what was to be a great feast were growing and becoming thicker.2 of her slaves were already there as one of them, Slave G (Ms Boss’s collared personal) was the chef for the evening. The other slave in attendance was Footsucker, a member of the DomBoss message board system. Footsucker is also her personal kink Engineer and the creator of many of the electrical implements that were used on me this session and past. She was quick to point out that we were both her urinals in the hopes that we would bond as fellow pee drinkers. Only at top secret

Slave G was preparing a wide assortment of treats for the evening. Most notable were the slow cooked ribs that were coming to life while we waited. Footsucker prepared delicious mushrooms stuffed with crab that went very quickly. There was steamed Shrimp in a spicy old bay seasoning, Hamburgers, stuffed peppers as well as a few other things that escape me now.

Eventually Madame joined us as she was in her room packing for an early flight back to the west. It was great to see both Madame and Ms Boss outside of “Dungeon mode”. For Madame I guess it would be “State mode”. Madame Is equally as stunning casually as she is in fetish gear and again the eyes definitely captivate you. She was barefoot as well,that making me salivate more than the food that was coming. Though Madame doesn’t have any foot photos on her Site, I can confirm she has GORGEOUS well-shaped, pedicured feet. It was very hard for me not to drop to my knees to worship them.Madame was also without gloves. for the nail fetishist, she has beautiful hands, capped off with some very sinister looking sharp nails. Potential scratching posts and human canvases will not be disappointed. Her hands mean business.

Madame Is also very funny and down to earth, her persona being the opposite of her Gulag Torturess alter ego. I learned from our conversation of her time spent in both Portland and San Frans gay leather scenes (side note: I’ve found woman who come up in the gay leather scene make the most sadistic and experienced play partners. just my personal experience) as well as her previous background in entertainment and her inspiration for “the State”(its definitely in the blood and a huge part of her heritage).

As the night went on other guests arrived, among them a hot Switch couple that had served Ms Boss and Madame that weekend. The raven-haired Domme of the pair was a stunner from head to toe with the body of a porn star. Both of them are being mentored by Ms Boss and couldn’t have met a better teacher. One of the other guests was Ms Boss’s former houseboy who was referred to as her “Italian wife”. It was hard to imagine some one as “Pittsburgh” looking as he being exceptional at cleaning and dusting. Then again you meet all types in this scene.

The rest of the evening was spent having great food and conversation as well as watching the most Scandalous selections from Ms Boss's film collection: “the Lesson” and “slave no mercy”. Both of these titles are definitely shock material and must be seen. Ms Boss informed us that somehow SLAVE NO MERCY is now being used as a sort of hazing tool for fraternities throughout the US. After watching that video my shame from the prior days activities paled in comparison. On a funny note During our film fest, and for a bit after that, Ms Boss’s phone rang incessantly, the calls coming from slaves hoping to get a last minute audience. She eventually had to shut it off so that we could enjoy our movie fun.

As the evening grew later, the other guests and myself prepared to go our separate ways. Ms Boss and Madame Katorga pulled me to the side to inform me that due to their weekends flurry of activity they both were pooped and a bit dehydrated and that I was off the hook from what would be the cap to my humiliation: the public pee drinking. As much of a pee pig as I can be as well as warming up to the idea, I was greatly relieved.They did however inform me that on Madame’s return trip there would be no escaping this activity and it may even be stepped up a notch. I’m looking forward to it…

In the end Ms Boss was an incredible host and created a cool relaxing environment. It was also interesting to see behind the scenes at Top-secret aka MIB productions.

If your someone thinking of seeing Ms Boss or one of her visiting ladies, let alone attend a function like this definitely do so. You wont be disappointed.

Thank you for reading.


Walt and Jesse 2012