I recently had a scene with Mistress Kat and Ms. Whitman for the first time. I had been doing some fantasizing about a strictly corporal scene (a bit out of my normal range of kink). Both Ladies are awesome in their own ways and worked well together to bring this fantasy to reality .

I was ordered by Ms. Boss to report to Mistress Kat and Ms. Liz Whitman at the Compound for corrective discipline while she was travelling. In advance I was required to submit a letter to these Ladies introducing myself and highlighting my many offenses and shortcoming in both kink and vanilla life.

The evening before I was to report I receive a curt note from Ms. Boss that I was to present upon my arrival to the Ladies commissioned to administer my punishment. It read: “Young man, you are being sent to my Lady Colleagues for your recalcitrant ways! You are henceforth instructed that "it's not over till it's over (and only when I say so)" - you must write about your experience before I return.”

I approached the familiar door with trepidation. Not only have I not submitted to another Lady without Ms. Boss participating in the play for over 15 years, I had never reported for what would be a punishment scene. To say I was nervous would be an understatement as I knock on the door to present myself to these unfamiliar Dommes.

The door opened immediately and I was met by Mistress Kat. I presented her with the note from Ms. Boss. After inspecting me, I was blindfolded and forced to trust her as I was led up the stairs to the second floor. I was instructed to only step at her order, and in my eagerness, failed to comply, receiving the warning that such disobedience would be added to my punishment as we, step by step, ascended upward to what awaited.

Reaching the second floor, still dependant on the guiding hand and voice of Mistress Kat, I was maneuvered down a hall and instructed to disrobe, one piece of clothing at a time. I was told my clothing would be locked away in a trunk- where I would not know. While disrobing I heard heeled footsteps and the sound of chains rattling above me and as I was instructed to remove my “tightie whities” a peal of laughter came from above. Ms. Liz Whitman was enjoying my situation as she prepared for me. It was then I began to get an inkling that, what I thought was to be a short one hour punishment by two Ladies, was to be two hours of each delivering correction in turn!

I was soon bound to a table, face down, legs spread and exposed. Mistress Kat proceeded to “tenderize” my posterior with a series of painful barehanded smacks alternating with gentle teasing touches and a verbal litany of my offenses and what awaited me upstairs at the hand of Ms. Liz Whitman. I was punished by a unrelenting barrage of a flogger. When questioned I was able to only grunt and murmur responses which earned me her wrath. I was then released from as the blindfold was removed and moved to the next room where I was instructed to lay over the lap of Mistress Kat. It was then I received the consequences of disobeying. For each of the five steps I mistook, I received 10 swats- a total of 50. For each failure to properly respond I received another 20 barehanded swats as the painful and humiliating punishment over the knee of this beautiful and powerful woman continued without respite. Ms. Whitman came downstairs to witness my humiliation. I erred by seeking to look up at her while over Mistress Kat’s lap and quickly suffered for that infraction as the Two Ladies continued to discuss and verbally chastise me for my many offenses and obscene habits.

I was instructed to stand with eyes lowered. A head harness with an attached dildo gag was strapped to my head, silencing me. The blindfold was replaced and I was escorted by both Ladies up to the third floor. Laughingly, Mistress Kat commented how I had learned to follow instructions better as she guided each step.

I was taken to the library and secured to the punishment box- hands shackled, feet tied down with the creative knots of Mistress Kat. I was flogged by both Dommes, then left to the pleasure of Ms. Whitman. Under her continual scathing verbal commentary and series of implements my punishment continued. An intense paddle, riding crop, ruler and carpet beater assaulted my rear, behind the knees, and my calves and thighs. The gag was removed to prevent my drool from staining the carpet as I cried out in pain.

Ms. Kat reappeared to assist in my being moved to the new Berkley Horse while still blindfolded. With me securely restrained to this angled frame, Ms. Whitman continued my punishment. I experienced the riding crop on my exposed nipples, belly and testicles. A wooden spoon and a caning resulted in more loud but futile cries. A final heavy flogging completed my punishment.

Released from the Berkley Horse and blindfold, I was escorted downstairs to my clothes. Dressing under the amused eyes and comments of both Ladies, I was taken to the door. Thanking them for the opportunity to submit to them, I returned to the everyday world, properly chastised.

The next day my posterior was a mass of red blotches, welts and bruises. My stomach and nipples marked with developing bruises. It was the first time I ever had a strictly corporal session and the most severe and longest corporal punishment I have ever received. It was an experience I will not soon forget. Nor will I forget the great Ladies at whose hand I was punished. Six days later the bruising is fading but the memory has not.

I look forward to future occasions to scene with Mistress Kat and Ms. Liz Whitman.

"How helpless we are, like netted birds, when we are caught by desire!"
-Belva Plain