I posted in the Lobby on June 26 about my June 28th trip to Pittsburgh and my session scenario with Ms. Boss (reading that may help you better understand this review). Anyway, I was sent to the disciplinarian of a health spa for punishment, and the punishment was SUPPOSED TO HURT! Well it did! Three full hours of exquisite, professionally delivered, unadulterated torture (who could ask for more).

The Compound is by far the best facility I have ever visited (and I've seen a lot in the last 37 years)---many rooms, fabulous equipment, devilish devices, and sparkling clean. Add to that the talent and professionalism of Ms. Boss and you have a guaranteed wonderful session (and I might add you get all of this for a tribute comparable to what is commonly charged for much, much less)

The health spa scenario we used worked perfectly. She believed strongly in the old adage "no pain, no gain" and as such, there was much gain in the session. Corporal: several hundred strokes utilizing 4 straps and nearly 500 cane strokes using 5 canes--the blood runneth freely. Electro: multiple devices used concurrently with all kinds of attachments---absolutely "shocking". NT: much wonderful attention and manipulation with fingers, clips, clamps, a stretching tower, and electro---they'll be tender for days I'm sure. And Pink Belly: excruciating hand slaps, cropping, and caning of my stretched, vulnerable midsection---it's not just pink; it's very, very pink.

Most importantly, the bondage was wonderful. I was bound in various positions on various pieces of equipment and none of them allowed me even the ability to twitch. If you like helplessness and vulnerability (like I do) you will love a trip to the Compound.

I hope you can tell I thought the session was great!!! If you can't, please re-read this review.