I just visited Ms. Irene Boss for the first time. I have had sessions with doms off and on for years but have been scaling back over the past several years for several reasons including a lack of fulfillment with sessions, a feeling of becoming too old relative to young doms entering the scene, etc. But after reading and hearing about Ms. Irene Boss over the years, I finally decided the time was right to schedule some time with her.

I found Irene Boss to be top notch and a class act in every respect. She is a real professional. We all know the difference in everyday life. We experience different levels of people in every profession, and we know and appreciate someone who really knows his/her job.

Preparation - Irene spends the necessary time to prepare for a session. When she communicates to you, she knows exactly what to ask and how to interpret your answers.

Session Location - Is in a nice area and the neighborhood seems private and safe. The "Compound" as she calls it is immaculate and one of the classiest and nicest facilities one could imagine. I don't even think it should be called a facility, its that nice. Every possible scene seems to be set up and ready. It’s really one of a kind.
Just the visit itself to the "Compound" is time well spent.

Appearance - Ms. Boss's pictures, as great as they are on the intranet, do not do her justice. She is breathtaking. For our scene, she wore a classy business outfit and her hair and makeup were all absolutely perfect. Don’t we all wish that we could find a girl who would get decked out for us like that? The kind of girl we notice once in a while and just say to ourselves, "Wow". To see a woman that attractive, but holding a paddle that
she is going to use on you was surreal. She did have some gorgeous cleavage showing but as much as I wanted to gawk, there was no way I was going to take a chance and have her catch me looking. Not with the type of session that we had planned.

Okay, the session itself - My session did not involve role play, but was a straightforward corporal discipline session with me visiting a professional disciplinarian for a "real punishment". She treated this as real punishment and it was real. It was a perfect, no non-sense, real-life punishment analogous to a school paddling. Ironically, I had always thought of someone being paddled in school to be humiliating, but this took the cake. Ms. Boss had me basically stand and slightly lean against a solid platform and she had an assistant witness the paddling. Then the two of them agreed that the assistant would stand in front of me watching my face as Irene paddled me. Her assistant was also first class and was pretty, bubbly, well-mannered, and just the perfect wholesome girl that any guy could immediately fall in love with. She had the cutest hairstyle and eyes and a smile that would steal your heart. She even looked about 20 years younger than her age (as did Irene). For a single guy that has always struggled getting dates and trying to make a good impression on a female, there I was in front of this perfect girl getting paddled. How can anything be that humiliating? I wanted to just look at her and smile and say something nice, but due to the humiliation I didn't know what to do. Ms. Boss used several of her various wooden paddles on me, swinging hard and making no light of the situation. She hit so hard that she even broke one of her paddles. Her swats hurt. I mean, they really hurt. I was probably either crying or yelling for part of the time, and I know I was dreading each swat. I've had many doms do this and Irene Boss is at the top of the list. She apparently used to play softball and is strong and tough by nature.

As if the paddling wasn't enough, she then used a signal whip and bullwhip on me. I remember the first time I heard the crack of her signal whip. I sounded like a Magnum 57 had just gone off in the room. I know my eyes opened the size of grapefruits and I just looked at her assistant in disbelief. She seemed to have the same look of disbelief. Then the punishment continued until Ms. Boss knew it needed to end.

After the Session - Irene offered me the use of her facility to clean up (you can imagine how I must have looked) and also showed me how everything at the Compound was kept clean and made safe for everyone.

What to Take from This - We all probably have different interests. But what amazed me about Irene and the main point for someone to take out of this, is not only how well-versed and skilled Irene is with the mechanics of being a Dom, but how well she knows what people need out of a session. Quite often I hear or read about a dom controlling or getting into a sub's mind. But what I saw from Irene was something more. Probably from both her natural ability and experience she understands what is driving someone. She then can arrange the session so that the person is not just fulfilled but actually is moved in some capacity afterwards. In my case, after she had performed this degree of corporal and humiliation, the last thing I want to think about for a long time is corporal. Now I want to concentrate on my personal life now that I have been rejuvenated and once again have hope. I would still like to try and meet a nice lady to date, to enjoy my life more, and to help others as much as I can. Better said, I'm already looking at things differently and want to be a better person.

Needless to say, I considered my session with Irene to be perfect on multiple levels. Enough about me, I believe that anyone who sessions with Irene Boss has an excellent chance of feeling the same way about their session. She is one of a kind and the real deal.