Tried to respond to this in the original thread but it was closed. But, I had to write about this. I love this subject. I might describe it as post-orgasm submission. It's always been easy when turned on to be submissive. When your cock is raging and hard, a submissive will promise the world and do all sorts of things. Yet, so often, when the orgasm is complete, the desire to perform kinky acts of submission often leaves. What submissive hasn't fantasized they were being told to eat their cum by a fantasy mistress while masturbating - then when they actually cum, they can't bring themselves to do it?

But, to be so overwhelmed by the power of a mistress that even at the point where the libido is lowest - those few seconds/minutes post-orgasm - you are willing to obey her (even eating your cum as she may demand) - that is the power of a mistress controlling you mind when you are at your least willing to submit. That is awesome.

I have never been to a real Mistress. My partner is not at all the dominant type (and the idea of watching a guy lick up his cum is not appealing to her). But she has a time or two dominated me and had me cum on her stocking foot and ordered me to lick it up. I did so and it was incredibly erotic. By the time I finished, I was rock hard again (this is the fastest I've ever become hard after I had an orgasm).

Another true story. I have for years been enamored with Mistress Julia. I often have a crush on her and long for her dominance. On one occasion I just told myself, "Mistress Julia wants you to do this. You long to please her more than anything so just do it." It was early morning I had just finished a cup of coffee and was about to get a refill. I masturbated at her imaginary command into my mug. I shot a big wad of cum into the cup and along the rim. I got up, poured my coffee into the mug (this was part of the command in my fantasy) - and at her command I drank the coffee, slurping my own cum (which I could taste) in the process. I even licked the rim of the cup. This too made me instantly hard again.

Never have I ever been able to lick my cum up after orgasm by myself - except in this one instance (and it was only the thought of Mistress Julia ordering this that had the power to get me to do this). I will never forget that. It was one of the most submissive and exciting moments I've ever experienced.

Post Orgasm Torture/Submission is a powerful sign of true domination and control by the Mistress. It's an awesome thing. Thank you for allowing me to share this, ahem, 'seminal' moment.