Sometimes, it is really difficult to ask for what you really want, mainly because what you really want is something that you’re not exactly sure you can handle. Yet, the burning fire for it continues to consume you as you think about it over and over again. To put it simply, I had left the scene for quite a few years for a number of reasons, the most significant being that I had been involved in a relationship with a professional dominant on a personal basis, and I was convinced that I had achieved everything I had sought after as a lifestyle submissive. To put it even simpler, I was convinced that I was probably never going to experience anything as intense as I had been fortunate enough to embrace during my years with her before.

Which kind of brings me to the 48 hour session I arranged with Mistress Irene Boss. For years, I had followed her exploits, movies and posts in numerous venues. I had been enthralled with the concept of the Other World Kingdom, knowing that she was one of the few, yet rare, dominants from the U.S. who had frequented the establishment. For years, I kept imagining what it would be like to experience what I was slowly beginning to refer to as an “ultimate” session with her. But, not surprisingly, I put off such an encounter, always finding some excuse for not booking the session.

And then I finally decided to do it.

I was reading a response of hers to a session inquiry on the boards about an imprisonment session someone was trying to arrange. While the person was interested in brown play (something I’m seriously not interested in), at the same time there was an appeal for an intense imprisonment, something that over the years I knew Mistress Irene Boss was considered an expert. So, when she offered her insight into the discussion, I finally broke down and contacted her, indicating that I would like to book a future session of imprisonment. After some email conversation, we arranged for a future session of 48 hours, most of it being strict imprisonment.

I won’t go through the anticipation process of this, as I’m sure you know that the weeks leading up to this caused me to be both very excited and scared that I was doing something really, really stupid and foolish. You see, since that previous session I was talking about, it had been years since I had done anything really bdsm related. I had been submissive in most of my relationships, but most of us know that such a statement varies with intensity and all sorts of levels of deepness. One thing I emphasized during our conversations was that I wanted something where she would be strict enough to keep me from wimping out on the experience. In other words, I wanted it clarified that if it came down to it, her word was law, and I’d just have to suffer through the consequences.

Having said that, I’m not a real pain slut. Can’t really stand it that much and really only participate in it when it brings pleasure to the woman I’m with. Then, I can take quite a bit. But it’s not because it’s something I seek. If that makes any sense….

So, I drove across the country (or at least a part of it) to her place. I live in Michigan, so it was several states over, but I told myself it would definitely be worth the ride. And I would argue that it most definitely was.

When I arrived, I was stripped of my clothes and immediately put into a standing cage that was in the foyer. My clothes were locked in a chest at the foot of the stairs, and then she went upstairs to “prepare some things” or something like that. After a long drive, I was now naked and locked in a cage that offered very little room for maneuverability. This was definitely what I wanted, but as you can probably guess, I was extremely nervous about what was going to happen next.

After some time, she came back down the stairs, wearing what looked like some kind of East German military uniform, possibly something designed from the OWK. She knew I had a fascination for the place, so that would not have surprised me.

Removing me from the cage, she ordered me up the stairs to the second floor, and I was immediately brought to one of many different dungeons in her place. In the first room where I was brought, I was tied to a frame with my arms stretched out. She blindfolded me, and then I was spanked, and then whipped (first with whippy devices, then paddles and then sinister leather tawse-like device that seriously stung as it was used. This particular part of the session appeared to go on forever, and each implement that was used seemed to up the ante even further, being much more painful as each implement was exchanged for another. At one point, very early in the punishment, I started thinking there was no way I was going to be able to make it through this weekend. I hadn’t even been there for a few hours yet.

After the final series of whippings, she stopped and let me recover for an instant. I was starting to get really scared about this whole weekend now. I kept imagining before coming that I was going to be locked in a cage the entire weekend, and already I was hitting limits that I didn’t realize were going to be constantly challenged throughout the entire time I was there.

I was then instructed to kneel onto a black, leather, horse-like device and she immediately secured my hands and feet with leather cuffs and then linked them to the bondage horse. In the position she had me, my ass was completely exposed, which should have told me what was most definitely going to be happening in the very near future. However, before the obvious was to happen, she began to whip me again. And then after a series of whippings, she then forced a long tube into my ass. Being blindfolded, I didn’t realize it was electrified, and she turned it on, creating a sensation I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before.

This went on for a while, and then after some time, she untied me, moved me into another room and placed me into a prison cell that was filled with hay (where I was told I would be sleeping for the night). But it wasn’t time yet for me to sleep as she came back for me later and brought me back to the dungeon.

Over the next few days, I was brought from her imprisonment back to various areas of the dungeon where I was subjected to all sorts of tortures, sensations and continuous periods of uncertainty, never knowing what was going to happen next. I would give a blow by blow of each session, but to be honest, they all happened non-stop, so that I was left with a sense of sensory overload and basically remember certain things happening, certain sensations that I experienced but couldn’t honestly tell you when they happened, or even in what order.
For a great deal of time, I was blindfolded and subjected to electrical stimulation that kept me on the edge of ejaculation for hours on end, although there was not to be any actual release allowed until practically the end of the entire session. It was nonstop sensation, imprisonment and fear of what might happen next.

On the second day, first thing in the morning, I was dressed in a worker’s outfit (that covered my mandatory collar) and sent outside to clean up the yard for a few hours. It was blaring hot outside, and the hot outfit that covered my entire body was very difficult to wear and work at the same time. Meanwhile, all sorts of people walked by, staring at me as I worked, and I felt both grungy (from not having showered or even brushed my hair from the night before spent sleeping in the hay cell) and kind of awkward (as most of the people walking by, or running by, were generally young college girls out for a walk or run in very little clothing aside from what someone would wear when running on a very hot day).

For someone who had pretty much asked for that sort of experience, it was definitely in line with what I was hoping to receive. The only problem with asking for something you wish to receive is that you might just get it. At some point during the whole experience, I realized I was feeling in over my head, wondering if I was even capable of making it through an entire 48 hour period session.

The unique thing about the session was that even if I decided it was too much for me, she had my things, including my car keys, locked in that chest of hers in the main entranceway. She explained to me that it was that way in case I wanted to leave. In other words, I couldn’t leave, even if I wanted to. Now, I never tested that, but it did add a certain powerful sensation to the whole session that events were completely out of my control, and only she was capable of allowing it to end, at her convenience.

Anyway, I apologize for taking so much space to write this, and for those expecting a more blow by blow write up, I apologize as well. For me, it was a wonderful session and something I’d probably want to explore even deeper in the future. It’s not the kind of session for a lot of people, but for those it is for, I can’t imagine anyone better suited to provide it.
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