Be careful what you wish for! I attended Fetish Con this year, as usual I booked a session. However, this year I was not sure who I wanted to session with. My short list was narrowed down to Irene Boss and Jean Bardot.

Like a kid in a candy store I wanted both! So I called Irene to see if she was interested in doing a double session with Jean Bardot. Irene was very gracious and orchestrated the session logistics.

I was instructed by Ms Boss to show up at her room for a half an hour scene before Jean arrived. Ms Boss informed me that she had used UPS to ship equipment to Fetish Con. I think she may have used an entire plane and truck to get her accessories there, because when I entered the room, it looked like a dungeon and had more than a sufficient amount of toys.

The first thing that caught my eye was a huge tripod that reached to the ceiling. This had many uses from providing standing restraint options to hoisting a sling, The drawers in the room were full of plenty of instruments such as chastity devices nipple clamps single tails etc.
I was led to the tripod where my hands were secured above my head and ankles were cuffed & spread wide leaving me helpless & vulnerable. Ms Boss then brought out a cock pillory and placed me in quite a predicament, my cock and balls were in a vice like device, I was unable to move and Ms Boss let out her dastardly laugh at my vulnerable position. Shen then applied electrical strips to my cock & balls and turned the electricity machine on to the "rhythm" cycle. As I was writhing from the electrical shocks she applied surgical clamps to my nipples. She then took a step back to proudly admire her work. I was gagged while she told me how I was going to audition to be a whore for her and Ms Bardot.

I was fading into "sub" space as I realized Jean Bardot was not even here yet! Alas ; "be careful what you wish for, you may receive it" After about 25 minutes I was released from the tripod apparatus and led to the bed where I was tied face down and spread eagle. As Ms Boss was finishing up securing me a knock came at the door. Enter a tall skinny nightmare named Jean Bardot!(affectionately) I could not readily see her but I instantly recognized her infamous cackle ....laughing at the predicament I was in. Ms Boss fitted me with a butt plug as Jean Bardot started flogging me. I saw the devious look on her face as she administered the flogging. Ms Bardot has steely eyes that can pierce your soul! After the flogging both of them got a cane and stood at opposite sides of the bed. After each cane stroke I had to count and say "Thank you Mistress, may I have another?" After the caning, more beatings were administer by some types of straps....they took turns as they put on their strap on harnesses,,,,,, Jean Bardot sat on the bed next to me and made me suck her strap on ....Ms Boss went back to the tripod and hung a sling on it.....I was untied led to the sling and tightly secured arms above my head and ankles high and wide,,,,,exposed.....Ms Boss let Jean Bardot go first saying she would have "sloppy seconds" They both laughed at that comment while I was helplessly awaiting my fate, Jean Bardot entered me and had her way with me....all the time making facial expressions that drove me crazy! Her tall slender body was between my legs playing "who's your daddy?" She crouched down holding on to a cross bar above and hammered away at me. She was getting an upper body workout & even flexed her muscles when she finished,,,,,the scene was so hot!
Next it was Ms Boss's turn and she used a larger strap on....Jean put nipple clamps on me while Ms Boss was using me.

After the strap attack Ms Boss got her milking machine out and applied it and turned it on....I was so excited it tore the plastic. She shut down the machine to inserts a new plastic tube...then "game on" Ms Boss ran the milking machine while Jean Bardot took off the nipple clamps and played with my nipples while i was being milked. It didn't take long for the milking machine to work. As my body gyrated during release Jean Bardot turn the machine all the way up.....driving me crazy.....

The scene was perhaps the most intense session I ever had. Both Irene Boss and Jean Bardot are amazing professionals. Their talent and skills are unparalleled I have had sessions with both of them previously. The dynamics of the scene were excellent and I believe everyone enjoyed it. I know I did!