On her most recent trip to Washington, D.C. I decided to request a session with Irene Boss. I don't session all that much any more, but I had always been intrigued by Ms. Boss and her website. Yet, ironically, it was all the fantastic reviews of Ms. Boss here on Maxfisch that deterred me from seeing her. Those reviews, as I remember them, were always glowing about her impressive corporal skills or, occasionally, medical scenes. Neither of those things interested me. My interests center more on bondage and firm, yet sensual domination. "Firm, yet sensual" can be simply defined as not a lot of pain, but the domme is imposing her will on me in a no-nonsense (but still fun) manner. I didn't want a light-touch, giggly personality. Ms. Boss is not a light-touch, giggly personality. One day, I actually read through every word on her website and became convinced she would enjoy the kind of scene I was interested. I emailed her and through a series of quick and very friendly exchanges, she said she would like what I was interested in, and we set up a time.

Ms. Boss took command within two seconds of meeting her, in the dimly lit, behind-the-wall more private entrance to the studio she was using. She made it immediately clear that she was in charge, not me, not even a little, and if I didn't like it, I could leave immediately. Our email exchanges had created the trust I needed to know what while she meant that, it also did not mean that I would end up cut to ribbons with a cane or some sort of implement.

I’ll confess the details are a bit of blur because I really did descend into a very happy place—I don’t care much for the term “sub-space”—but I really enjoyed every minute of the session. She spanked me a couple of hundred times: I know, sounds contradictory to what I just wrote, but this was a sensual experience as much about sounds and sensation than anything else. It was not painful, but it was controlling, and I was warmed up to her liking. Heaving bondage, electrical play, astoundingly erotic nipple play, tons of tease and denial, smothering with gloves and then ending with a spandex covered bottom, and eventually, agonizing finish with the Venus-6000, which suctioned and milked me in a way that was both very enjoyable and very frustrating. It certainly was a fantastic experience from beginning to end!
Oliver Cromwell