Following is a review of a recent session shared with Ms. Irene Boss of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Preliminarily and as a point of reference, I am a novice player and have been described as a submissive who desires to please. I have a particular interest in corporal and feminization play.

Among the many positive attributes of the session with Ms. Boss were her willingness to thoroughly exchange information prior to the session, her patient and astute listening skills during the pre-session communication, her ordinary session practices and procedures which address and allay any fundamental concerns about health or safety, and, of course, her energy and creativity within the scene. Although our particular encounter involved restraint, corporal punishment and feminization play – which meant that I was objectified to some degree and was subject to physical challenge, Ms. Boss’ sprinkled the session with appropriate moments of warmth and humor that, rather than detract from the session, allowed a greater connection and allowed me to travel to an extraordinary space.

Ms. Boss works in quality facilities where cleanliness, safety, and health related matters are systematically addressed in order that the submissive is allowed to put aside any concerns in that regard that might hinder the progress of the session. Removing up front any doubts that might linger and might be obstacles to allowing oneself to let go, simply enhanced the speed and depth of the exchange of power during the session.

Although Ms. Boss is self described as an emotional sadist, I was keenly aware of a sense of caring during the session. Ms. Boss’ approach to our particular encounter may have derived in part from the fact that the meeting was our first. The pacing of the session was amazing and started, after my restraint, with a series of hand administered swats, which proved, ultimately and to my surprise to be only a warm up. The blows stung and gradually raised the overall level of warmth, but were not beyond my capacity.

There followed the administration of a spanking with a series of floggers. This exercise was challenging for me, but Ms. Boss’ approach allowed me to move well beyond anything that I thought that I might take and allowed me to enter a head space that I had never experienced before. Ms. Boss was keenly aware that each of the different devices would bring its own level of impact and pain, but was so clearly in tune with where I was physically, particularly by watching the contraction of my other muscles and by being attentive to my breathing. Letting me know that she was carefully monitoring my progress did not detract from the corporal session. Rather, knowing that she was sensitive to my state, gave me freedom to take the spanking and wholly surrender myself to her. One element of my submissiveness is a strong desire to please the dominant. When the subject of bondage and corporal attention, I now understand that I manifest that desire by allowing the dominant as free reign as possible, without interruption from me. Consistent with the discussion shared with her prior to the session, I trusted that Ms. Boss might hurt me in the session but that she would never harm me. Her actions during the session only reinforced that the trust that I initially placed in her at the start of the session was well placed.

The session extended well beyond the corporal encounter, but rather than detail further, I would simply offer that Ms. Boss comes to each session well prepared to explore the overlapping interests that she may share with the submissive. Her preparedness includes ample and varied gear, a deft hand and talent at many forms of restraint, and superb physical condition, including strength and flexibility. Ms. Boss is intelligent, well spoken, and extremely experienced. There was a strong sense of spontaneity during the session, and though she clearly had a plan for the progress of our play, that plan allowed for modification by her to take advantage of elements that were introduced by her that brought forth reactions from me.

Ms. Boss is aware of the importance of after care and shared time with me after the close of the session. She was very patient and courteous as she allowed me to wind down from an outrageously powerful experience.

Obviously, I would strongly recommend time spent with Ms Boss as – to adapt her turn of phrase – a mistake well worth the making. The experience was incredible for this novice. I would anticipate that experienced players, particularly those who have come to know her a bit, would find their encounters more rewarding still.