This is my first review, but I have been an occasional poster for quite a while. I just had to write this up. After fantasizing for about 40 years, and serving as a urinal hundreds of times to almost 50 women over many years, I finally took the plunge and tried full toilet. One of the main reasons I finally took this big step was that I discovered that Mistress Tahlia is very much into full toilet training. This review really is an honest appraisal and description of how our first 2 sessions went, written in part to help me recall and relive the experience, but also to share her talents with the Max Fisch community, which has given me a lot of useful advice as well as fantasy fodder over the years.

Mistress Tahlia was at the recently closed and much lamented Salon Kitty's in Sydney for a number of years, and I had briefly met her several times while having one of my favorite sessions with a different mistress, part of which involved serving as the house urinal for a few hours. I had never sessioned with her, but had wanted to since she is very beautiful (as everyone always says, and it is true, the pictures on her web site don't convey how beautiful she is in person), and even in our brief meetings I could tell I liked her attitude and the fact that she really clearly enjoys being a domme.

Sometime about 2 years ago she changed her profile at SKs to include the fact that full toilet is one of her preferred activities. That started my mind working on the idea that she might be the one to finally try going all the way with. I contacted her but was still dithering until a couple of months ago, when I finally decided it really was crunch time. Salon Kittys had closed, which was a shock and a reminder that if you don't seize the opportunity it may disappear, but fortunately Mistress Tahlia continued sessioning as an independent. I contacted her with some session ideas, including working our way towards a BS and possible consumption, and when she responded positively I set up a trip to Syndey.

As it worked out, we had 2 sessions, one in the evening on the day I arrived and one in the early afternoon a few days later. Both involved my favorite activities, which are dominance/submission, roleplaying, tease and denial, foot, ass, and other forms of body worship, serving as a human urinal, and (now, finally) full toilet service. Because we had never sessioned before, only the first was booked initially, but I loved it and was left wanting more, so I booked another for later in the week on the next morning; fortunately she was free.

In the first session, she played the role of an 18 year old school senior who had caught me, the older music teacher, hanging around the girls' changing rooms and masturbating. She was going to exploit that for all it was worth, both in and out of school, including making me her body servant and toilet. Mistress Tahlia is slender and makes a very convincing high school senior. She was incredibly sexy in a short plaid skirt, black bra and panties.

Among other things I worshiped her feet, legs, and panty-covered pussy and ass, and she also smothered me with and had me lick her marvelously hairy and smelly armpits, informing me she'd been playing tennis that afternoon, s they should be nice and ripe--they were, and it was heavenly. By the way, at present, she has natural armpit and pubic hair and told me she plans to remain that way, so if like me you love natural women, that is a big plus. However, for me it would not have mattered if she wasn't, her skills and beauty would have been plenty.

The whole time we kept up a dialogue of the sort you might really expect in the fantasy situation; she threatened me with the loss of my job and public exposure, and every time I carried out some more submissive or humiliating act she told me she could not believe that one of her teachers was doing this, but also kept telling me how lucky I was, a nasty old man, to be allowed to worship a beautiful young girl. Several times she intimated that I would have to do absolutely anything she asked, and I agreed, at some point she told me that included drinking her piss, and took a nice, long, slow piss directly in my mouth and made me drink it (which I love anyway). I played along pretty well, I hope; Mistress Tahlia is really an absolutely consummate role player, and much of the time I was submerged enough in the fantasy that it seemed real, although of course I knew it wasn't--hard to explain, but that's the best I can do.

At the end of the session she laid me on my back, pissed in my mouth again, and told me to wank myself and beg to eat her shit; if I didn't come before she shit I was going to have to eat it. I could tell she was actually trying, she let out a bit of gas and her anus moved, and I was begging sincerely, but I lost control and came. That was the end of the session, and that time I was relieved although also somewhat disappointed.

That first session was so wonderful that the next morning I emailed and asked if we could have another in a couple of days, and earlier in the day so there was a good chance of completing my initiation into FT.

Our second session was again a really excellent role play. This time she was an upper class woman, the wife of my boss, whom I had been serving as a personal sex toy and slave for several years. Her husband had just found out but thought it was a standard love affair, and was trying to chase me down to kill me. She was visiting me in my hotel room to say goodbye and have one final session, in which she was really going to let go and make me do everything she had always wanted, which of course turned out to include serving as her full toilet.

To cut a long story short, the second session was every bit as spectacular as the first. Mistress Tahlia got into her role very thoroughly, and so did I, begging her to not abandon me, worrying about her husband catching me, and grovelling and wanting to serve her in absolutely any way possible. Finally, at the end of the session, she told me she wanted to give me a final gift to remember her by. Once again, she had me lie on my back and told me she was going to totally empty her bladder and if I drank every drop she might consider giving me a special treat.

I laid on my back and she knelt over me, facing my feet, and pissed slowly with many short stops just to make sure I really took it all in. When she finished, she asked if I wanted my special treat. I was so excited I couldn't possibly have said no. She told me to stay still and watch. I could see her anus moving and a couple of small farts came out, and suddenly, her anus opened wide and the tip of a piece of hard lumpy shit was peeking out. I was surprised-- the smell was definitely there, but I had no inclination to retreat or gag, only to comply with her next order, which was "lick it". I bent my neck up and flattened my tongue against it, also pushing my mouth down over it. I had always feared how I would react at this moment, but I had been guided to it by an expert, and the shit I was licking, and the smell that filled my senses, were coming from a beautiful, truly dominant woman, and that worked wonders--I really wanted what came next.

After maybe 15 seconds with me licking, she pushed and a good sized piece of pretty dry, solid shit slid into my mouth. As it came in I sort of squashed it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue and broke a good sized piece off and swallowed it whole. Then I chewed once or twice and swallowed another good big gulp. While this was going on she had had me wanking myself, and as I took the second swallow I had an enormous orgasm. My inclination to swallow any more disappeared but surprisingly (to me anyway) I did not feel at all sick or particularly repulsed, just that I had a mouthful of not very yummy stuff that I was no longer eager to swallow.

She allowed me to spit out the rest and clean up; by the time I had finished that I was sort of regretting not eating more. I never felt sick at all, either during the act or after. It took me quite a while to sort of come to terms with what happened, but now I am really wanting to go back for more, both of Mistress Tahlia's wonderful role-playing domination and of being her personal toilet and learning to do so more thoroughly.

If you are in Sydney, or even if you aren't, I definitely would recommend Mistress Tahlia if you are interested in the sort of session I've described; I don't think you will be disappointed. She really gets into sessions and is very convincing in role playing, and it is very clear she really enjoys them; I was thoroughly pleased a few days after our second session to read an entry in her blog where she described our sessions, in a lot less detail than I have, but called them "lovely and incredibly bent", a description that mirrors the way I felt.

I have to travel across a continent to see her, and my only regret is that I can't do it again tomorrow. I'm planning to as soon as I can, though

Her website is Mistress Tahlia

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