Mistress Ultraviolet is a professional dominatrix who operates primarily out of her fully equipped dungeon in the city of Atlanta, Ga. It is in this dungeon where i realized my place in slavery to the beautiful Mistress. Quickly, i understood that she, much like her dungeon, comes fully equipped with extensive knowledge in the art of domination. As i look back (figuratively and literally) i can honestly say there wasn't a part of my body that wasn't manipulated/in pain (ie: urethral sounds, electro, & CBT) A well rounded professional. It was much more than a physical experience. She sank me into a mental sub space that was deeper than i had ever felt before. The collar around my neck and restraints on each one of my limbs felt so right, i didn't want them to come off. Of course, however, it all eventually had to come to an end. Luckily the Mistress was kind enough to brand me as her property as a reminder of to whom i belong. So even though i was finally set free... there truly is no escape. Until i come crawling back Mistress.

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