Asian beauty Mahea quickly starts the action. Using her immensely strong legs to submit this fat loser in an arm scissor. She doesn't stop there as she quickly shoots the half, and puts him in a painful reverse scissor. Next comes the figure four that has him grasping for air as the pressure of her legs begins to mount. To further his agony she even adds an armbar. She smiles as he begins to turn purple. She tortuously pulls on both arms as she uses her glorious and sexy size 6 feet to apply pressure on his neck and choke him out. Then a rear naked choke has him whimpering and trying pathetically to put up a fight. She finally locks him in a headscissor ignores his tapping, and makes him drift off to sleep. This idiot was clearly outmatched by the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt with innovative offense, a body of steel, and out of this world beauty. Mahea is absolutely amazing.