I have the English vice. But as I don't session to any regular extent, maybe once or twice a year if I'm lucky and then often in different cities, I go to great lengths to screen potential "playmates" to make the most of those visits. To me, a session is nothing more than "adults-at-play." But alas finding a person of like spirit is less than easy. At least in my limited experience, many don't seem interested in getting to know me in terms of my particular kick, and what makes me tick. Instead, they have their way of doing things, and that's that. Others seem to think one size fits all. Kinkster's may be alike in sharing a particular set of kinks, but even within a particular kink, I think we vary across a pretty wide spectrum. And surely the same must be true of the Mistresses, Doms, and disciplinarians as well. But I've also had my share of truly great experiences, and thatís enough to keep me going.

One such person is Ms Irene Boss. I've had three genuinely great sessions with Her, and trust there will be a fourth, and a fifth and many more. So I think she's proved she knows something about working with people. I always enjoy Her live presence, find her to be charming, and even though we have now met for the third time, she still asks lots of questions to make sure we're on the same page. She has been willing to get to understand me and play within my narrow boundaries. Yet some of my greatest experiences have been with Mistresses and disciplinarians who possess the intuitive ability to stretch those boundaries and take me beyond my comfort zone. And at that level she is at her greatest. She is also aware; has the ability to remain calm, encourage me, stay focused, and prevent me from becoming overwhelmed. She lets me express my emotions without being judgmental; she allows me to sometimes struggle and twist and move as needed (not in a way that could be harmful); and She allows me to express my vulnerability. In short, in each visit I found Her to be darn near perfect!

Also, noteworthy, I have never been to a more well-equipped and maintained play-area. Her place has something to offer for everyone, and even though I don't even want to know what some of those toys are used for, I always felt very safe in her presence.
"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance...it's the illusion of knowledge."