When Maya Sinstress gave me the ok to contact Irene Boss to set up a
session with the two of them at The Compound my heart skipped a beat.
For one I hadn't sessioned with Sintress for almost a year and two
going to The Compound has been a dream of mine.
The session was planned a month or so in advance. The only instruction
I had was to keep my groin region manicured and not to release. Other
than that I had no ideal what the two Mistresses had in store for me.
I kept in contact with Irene boss through email leading up to the
session. She was very professional in answering my emails. This calmed
my nerves to a certain degree but I knew my ass was grass or more
specifically my cock & balls were not safe.
The day of the session finally came after days & weeks of waiting
eagerly. I was extremely nervous because the session was set up as an
overlap session. This meant I would spend 1 hour with Maya Sintress
then the closing hour with Irene boss. Sintress would have me first
and I knew what She was capable of from previous sessions. "Would I
make it through the first hour?" Is what I asked myself and if I did
would I make through the second hour. After all I was giving myself
up to two of the best Doms in the country!
I walked up to the door & knocked. The door opened & before me was
Maya Sinstress clad in a latex top, latex panties, and latex
stockings. What stood out though were the brass cross heels. As she
lead me up the stairs my eyes fixated on those brass cross heels as
they met each step before me. I was told where to undress & returned
to the room where Sintress was standing with an evil grin on Her face.
Consumed so much by her beauty and those high heeled brass cross
shoes my nerves subsided & I was ready to give myself to Her. I was
ordered to bend over a table. Sintress stated She was getting my ass
ready for Irene Boss. Her evil laugh filled the room. I was then lead
to a chair that left my back exposed as well as my front. Sinstress
restrained my arms & legs. She proceeded to clamp my nipples that
familiar pain shot through my body like lighting. "We can't forget
about that cock & those pathetic balls" Sintress stated. She then tied
up my cock balls and laced the rope up through the clamps on both my
nipples. This was a compromising position because if I moved or
twitched it would stretch or put pressure on my sensitive nipples or
my manhood. Sintress then went on to flog my back with an array of
floggers but the last flogger would be the worst. My birthday was the
following week. Sintress asked me how old I would be? "39" I replied.
"Good You will be receiving 39 swats". The flogger She used for the 39
was a rubber flogger with nasty rubber beads on the tails. I counted
off each swat thanking Her after each one. The pain was extreme but I
knew this was my gift from Sinstress so I needed to take each swat
with gratitude. I could feel my back whelping up after swat. After
that I was told to kneel on the floor where Sintress presenting the
brass high heels for cleaning. I licked them gently and sucked them
like raging hard cocks bringing out the piggy in myself. I was then told to
lie on my back where Sintress trampled me with those brass heels. It
felt like a dagger digging into my defenseless cock. My balls weren't
safe either. Sinstress glided those heels over my balls like a knife
again there was great pain but I knew this was a gift & I must show my
gratitude. Then the true test of pain came when Sintress dug those
heels into each nipples leaving an indention that lasted several
minutes. My nipples were literally caved in from the heels.
At this point the door opened and Irene Boss walked into the room.
Sintress showed off Her work to my nipples. They both laughed as I
cringed in pain. I was ordered to my feet and Irene Boss grabbed me by
the cock & lead me up stairs. I was lead to a room with medical
equipment and mirrors all over the walls. In the corner was an
electric birthing chair complete with stirrups. The room reminded me
of scene from a Terry Gilliam film. Irene Boss was dressed in a
military uniform complete with Captain visor cap. I was instructed to
sit in the chair where I was tilted back for easy access. As with
Sintress's high heels my eyes kept wondering towards Ms Boss's
cleavage. What happened next involved a multitude of sounds be
inserted into my uretha and eletricified. I was in such aw & in
subspace I sometimes spaced what Ms Boss was telling me. However I do
remember Her feeding me by spitting in my mouth. After what seemed
like hours of electric play the mind fuck was about to begin. "Maya
Sintress tells me you're a piggy" Ms Boss makes me tell Her about
nasty things I had done as She positioned an impaling machine. She
proceeded to turn it on slow at first. My cock instantly got hard in
which Ms Boss replied "you are a pig!" She turned t it up faster. I
immediately swallowed the hot load like the pig I am. Maya Sintress
and Irene Boss went far and beyond my expectations. As I left The
Compound I reflected on what a lucky piggy I am.