I had dreamed of being overpowered by a strong beautiful woman for literally decades, and as I was surfing through the wb270 site, I read some reviews about Goddess Samantha. Being I was a bit nervous about actually marking a session, I gathered the courage when I read how she creates a relaxed atmosphere, a fact I experienced first hand! Through some e-mails, we decided to start the session with some grappling, followed by some domination, all done in the context of role play (sexy PE teacher and disrespectful teenage student).

At 200 pounds, I am in decent physical condition, and am far from being a weakling. I have defeated people 50 pounds heavier than me in wrestling matches, so I was curious about challenging Goddess Samantha!

Through an exchange of e-mails, we decided to mark my first divine encounter at her dungeon in Buckhead, GA. I got the chills with each e-mail I received from Goddess Samantha, and I could not believe I was actually going through with it! She gave me an address to drive to and await further instructions. Once I picked her up a little gift, I was told to wait until I was summoned! I waited in anticipation until she finally sent a text explaining the way to get to the dungeon!

When I arrived, Goddess Samantha was in a stunning pink bikini! Her body was beyond amazing! It was very strong, muscular, and athletic, yet also totally feminine and sexy! My ideal of the perfect body, and everything about her was beautiful!
That being said, I did not want to just sit there and roll over! I wanted to see if she could really defeat me. I found out the answer very quickly! As we squared off, she soon had me under her control, using a move that required skill and strength. I was locked in her powerful grasp. At that moment, I already knew she was much stronger than me, and that I stood no chance against her! As I was in her grasp, I did not want to tap, so I decided to use my free right hand to try to break her balance by grabbing her leg.
"That was a mistake!" she taunted, as she locked my hand in her leg scissor. You would imagine it would be easy to wiggle my hand free, but when Goddess Samantha gets her scissor clamped on, there is no escape! And if she manages to clamp her scissor around your neck, you will either tap out, or pass out!
The only fall I thought I had almost won was when I managed to scissor her body, and I squeezed with all my strength until I could not hold it any longer. I learned afterward that she was in no danger of tapping out!
The wrestling portion of the session involved many scissors and locks. At one point, she had me in a lock as she gave me some punches to my ribs and back. She asked me if the punches hurt, and I made the "fortunate mistake" of telling her they felt like sissy punches!
"So you think I punch like a sissy, huh?" she smirked. And I knew I was in big trouble!

When I finally admitted defeat, we entered the domination phase of the session. For the first time in my life, I was tied down on the bed, spread eagle, and she showed me how capable she was of giving great body punches! I was still feeling sore from those punches six days later!

Did I mention that Goddess Samantha has the ideal body? Well, I soon discovered what foot fetish is all about, for her feet were simply amazing as she stood over me, and used them in ways I could never imagine! For the first time ever, I entered into sub-space! I had heard the expression before, but did not know what it was. Goddess Samantha skillfully took me there, and I could not help but shout in uncontrolled ecstasy!

Perfect body, perfect feet... and perfect ass! I have never seen a better one, and I had the privilege of being smothered with some sensational face sits! I went even deeper into sub-space as I realized just how exciting muscle worship can be! And I remember looking up at my Goddess and seeing her lovely face and hair, and her hypnotic eyes! But her voice was incredible. She calmly, yet firmly controlled the whole session, and I totally loved submitting to her!

As our session was coming to an end, I received the first flogging of my life. Though it left light marks, They were totally pleasurable due to the endorphin that were racing through my body!

There is so much more I could write about my first divine encounter with Goddess Samantha. I am privileged to be her slave! She is beautiful, fun, friendly, mature, and really knows how to establish her control with a very special style of dominance. When I entered the dungeon, I was curious and wanted to experience being dominated by a lovely classy lady, but when I left, I was determined to be her slave! When I left, I could not wait to come back for more! I will report on my second divine encounter in a future post.

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