I recently posted on Maxfisch a review of the first divine encounter with Goddess Samantha (Goddess Samantha - review of my 1st divine encounter - #1608466 - 12/13/13 09:44 AM). It was an unforgettable exhilarating experience! I had marked the session out of curiosity, but by the time the session ended, I knew I wanted to serve this Goddess much more! To my satisfaction, she received me as her newbie slave.

After that first session, my chest and neck were sore for days from the divine beat down I had received, but I could not get her body out of my mind! My Goddess has the most divinely perfect body from head to toe, and how I love those toes!

There was something very different about my preparation for the second session. When I marked my first session with Goddess Samantha, I sent her my list of things I desired to experience, and even requested her attire to be a pink bikini, which she graciously granted! But now I was no longer a curious client, but a willing slave to my Goddess. Who was I to tell her what to wear, and what I wanted? My focus shifted from my desires to my main desire: to please my Goddess! I was even afraid to mention what I wanted out of the session, for I was still confused about what a slave could request. Nevertheless, Goddess insisted I let her know what was spinning around in my fertile mind, so I let her know that the first session was probably the greatest experience I ever had!

So, as I pulled up to the dungeon for my second session, I was curious as to what Goddess would be wearing. WOW!!!!! She received me in an amazing fishnet body stocking, wearing a leather bikini (that satisfied my leather fetish quite nicely!)! She was also wearing sexy boots, which put her at about my same height as she gave me my "welcome back hug". Just looking at her, knowing she had some surprises in store for me at this session caused me to already quiver! At first, I was concerned that the fishnet stockings would hinder my muscle worship, which was a magical experience in my first session, but I was so wrong to be concerned about that! When the muscle worship happened, it was a rush to feel them through the fishnet, and also, at my Goddess' command, to work my fingers through the netting... WOW!!!

I was granted the privilege of helping my Goddess remove her boots. I could not help but smell her boots once they came off, and also to smell and kiss the amazing feet that captured my imagination during the first session. After some short foot worship, I helped her to her feet, and my strong lovely Goddess was facing me, now a few inches shorter than me, and we resumed the role play we had started in our first session. She was my hot PE teacher, and I was her cocky sophomore athletic teenage student. After she had beaten me convincingly in the first session, I vowed to be more cooperative in helping her in her PE class. But she was not satisfied with my actions, so called me once again into her private office (the dungeon)! Being that she expected more of me as her teacher's pet, she had to punish me more, so I would shape up even more in her class.

Of course, I was ready for my punishment! I told Goddess I purposely slacked off so she would summon me to her office again! So she started by putting restraints on my wrists and ankles, and attached them to the four corners of the door. I loved being restrained, for it was already a form of tease and denial! Being restrained to the door, and seeing the perfection of my Goddess only gave me the urge to touch and worship the muscles on her sexy athletic body. But I was in for a flogging! There was no mirror for me to see my Goddess swing her flogger, but in my imagination, I could see her very well! She gave me several flogs and a few spanks, and I loved every minute of it! At one point, she came to the side of the door to face me - and there was the perfect image of Goddess! If my hands were not restrained, I would have begged her to let me touch her! But there she was, just inches away from my body, obviously teasing my imagination!

Once again, her voice hypnotized me throughout the session. She has the type of calm, yet dominant voice that seems to proclaim, "I know I am totally in charge here, and you know it too!" It was a delight to obey her every gentle command! I was then fastened to the bed as she stood above me and teased me with her feet, mixing it up with tramples, poses, chokes, and even soft caresses on my chest. Her feet were like an extra pair of hands, and she can do amazing things with them! I loved getting the command to kiss them, and she even crammed her perfect toes into my mouth to suck on them. Wow! I don't even remember when she released my hands, but I got to caress the feet I love!

I also discovered how much of a rush it is to be tied down and look up at my Goddess standing over me. I don't know why I was embarrassed to tell her how totally lovely she was, and I longed to touch her golden hair! In fact, I was sitting up and touching her feminine muscular shoulders, and I was about to ask her if I could touch her hair, when I "accidentally" touched her breasts without permission! My Goddess is very strict, and punished me for doing so without her permission! So she rolled me over on the bed and gave me the spanking I deserved.

One of the things that stood out in this session was the way Goddess mixed up her touches! She had her tough touch, which consisted of the stinging sensation of her flogs and bare handed spanks, but she also had her tender touch, as she would softly caress my back and rear after spanking it. She explained to me about "power exchange". As a newbie, I commented, "What do you mean power exchange? The only powerful one here is you!" But she explained that, as her slave, she felt a certain power in my intense submission, and she was able to feed off that energy! That made me so happy to know that Goddess receives enjoyment from my submission, and she told me she could feel the warmth and energy flowing from my body, even without touching it! And my body was also screaming in delight throughout the whole session.

There were also some prolonged face-sits, and Goddess demanded I kiss her perfect ass, which I was more than glad to do! I loved being smothered by her leather bikini dressed ass, and kissing fervently every gasp I managed! She was so sensational in conducting the session, which also included some head scissors, which once again caused my neck to ache for days afterward! All I can say is that I enjoyed the session immensely from start to finish! Goddess Samantha is beyond sensational!

Finally, as the session was ending, Goddess got back into her boots and stood face to face in front of me, still role playing as my PE teacher and giving me her orders for the days ahead. She has a way of standing so close, almost daring you to grab her! But I did everything in my power to refrain from touching her, feeling like I was being tested. That is when I finally had the courage to ask her if I could touch her hair, something I was wanting to do throughout the session. When my wish was granted, it confirmed what I already knew: Goddess was not human! There is no way a human could have such divinely soft beautiful hair! I remember how it felt days later! That is why I call her "Goddess"! Everything about her is divine! Her hair, her face, her body, her arms, her rear end, her legs, her feet, her voice,... and of course her attitude!

I had requested a bear hug in my emails before arriving, and what a bear hug she gave! I could never imagine a woman forcing me to tap out while being bear hugged, but Goddess is no ordinary woman, as I have already alluded to. She is truly divine, and I am totally crazy for her!

I finally got my "end of session embrace", and was feeling even more crazy for my Goddess than ever. As we wrapped up our session, I took advantage, as an inexperienced slave, to ask my Goddess questions about what she gets out of sessions. It was great to hear that she feeds off my submission and enjoyment, and she also told me the sense of power that rushes over her when she leaves marks on her slaves. That set my imagination running wild, as I dreamed of being marked by my Goddess, proving my devotion to her, and her ownership of me! Details of that session yet to come!

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