Mistress Ayn exceeded my highest expectations. As a long-time player I was at the stage where my interest in playing was definitely at low tide. It seemed that as I had gotten a little older my libido had waned. Recently Mistress Ayn was visiting DC from Atlanta and something about her posts and website tweaked my interest. She loves the art of the Mind Fuck. So I thought WTF, why not give it a try.

We corresponded quickly by email and quickly agreed on a time and role play scenario: the power exchange play of a boss being dominated by his secretary.

I arrived at the her house (actually her hotel room) to deliver work that I required her to do over the weekend. She
looked very office sexy in a low cut blouse and tight short skirt. After some small talk I asked to use the facilities and
as pre-arranged I returned clad only in my underwear. Mistress Ayn was outraged at my sexual harassment. She explained that she was going to prosecute legal action for my unwanted advances and would ruin me. She then backed off and discussed
a possible deal which would be better for me. She told me to get on my knees and worship her perfectly lovely feet and legs. Of course, she needed to restrain me so that I would not further harass her. Naturally I agreed and was allowed to kiss
her beautiful feet and legs. Just as this was getting really exciting she stopped me and suggested that I get on the bed.
My mind was racing with possibilities until she secured my wrists and ankles to the bed. Now I was totally at her mercy.

This goddess had now shed her blouse and was a vision in her stockings and garter belt. I knew I was in real trouble. She
started torturing my nipples with her fingers, clamps, a wheel, and her teeth. All the while she told me of her plans to take over my business. She would keep me in a cage in her basement with my manhood caged as well. She then tied my cock and balls and asserted her dominion over them. I was in total heaven. The conbination of the torment and mind fuck by this gorgeous domme had me enthralled.

At this point she put electrodes on my cock and balls and earphones in each ear. After I expressed concern over the electrodes, she laughed and said I should be more concerned that she was going to control my mind. She blindfolded me and started an hypnotic tape. I was sinking quickly into a trance as she ramped up electric stimulations, nipple torment and other stimulation. I was going down a rabbit hole and loving every second of it. This continued for an indeterminable amount of time with sensory overload intersecting with a trance-like state. It was an amazing finish to a great session.

This was my first session with Mistress Ayn and her insight and skills enabled her to push all my buttons. I am not a newbie but I feel re-energized by Mistress Ayn. She is both beautiful and sensual but perhaps her best asset is her ability to create a fantastic mind fuck. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you book time with her.