I recently had the pleasure to serve and be in the presence of Mistress Ultra Violet and Mistress Jenna Jones. It was a truly epic experience that truly tested my boundaries and left me yearning to serve them both as soon as possible. After initially setting up our session I contacted Mistress Ultra Violet with a dream I had about training me to be a video slave for her dungeon. The experience I had was even better than my dream. I was welcomed at the door by Mistress Ultra Violet whom I regularly serve and she was breathtaking as usual. On a side note I have said this before but she is simply stunning. The pictures on her website do not do her justice. I prepared for the session as instructed and we started out with some body worship. As this was happening Mistress Jenna Jones walks in the dungeon and as soon as I saw her I was blown away by her beauty. She is tall and just gorgeous and just as cruel as Mistress Ultra Violet. After Mistress UV was bored with me worshipping her perfect ass I was placed on the St Andrews cross and both mistresses put as much weight as they possibly could on my balls. At one point they hung an 18th century iron from my balls. I can usually take quite a bit of weight hanging from my balls but this was the most I have ever had and I was in pure pain but at the same time I was in heaven. After they broke me on the cross they both took turns spanking me over their knees. They did not stop until my ass was a particular shade of red and I was sore for days afterwards. Once they bored of this they mummified my upper body and placed me on the sex swing. They tied my balls to the top of the swing to make sure I was stretched sufficiently and then they showed me what their plans were for the rest of the session, They told me if I wanted to be a good video slave I had to be able to take whatever they wanted to give me. They showed me the biggest toys I had ever seen and told me they were going to see if I had what it takes. They put a plug in me to warm me up and then gave me the most intense strap on experience I have ever had. I was fortunate that they allowed me to worship their perfect bodies while they had their way with me and that was the only reason I lasted as long as I did. At the end of it I tried as hard as I could but I did not have what it takes to please them. Once I was broken they allowed me to cum and forced me to eat it. It took at least 10 minutes to even recover enough to get up and shower. It was probably the best session I have ever been a part of and it left me in sub space for a few days and made it hard to function outside of their dungeon for a while. Needless to say I will be back serving them both as soon as possible.