smile I had a dual session with Mistress UV that was just beyond words with the unbelievably beautiful hot switch Gianna on February 1 in Charlotte . This is the second session I had with mistress UV and the first double. The first was astounding. She is unbelievably beautiful with the absolute best ass anywhere in the world that she just loves to have worshipped. I was watching her websites five-times a day pestering her as to when she was coming back to Charlotte. When I heard I scheduled in a flash. When she suggested a double with her switch which is available at a discounted rate I decided that sounded really great. And again it was just unbelievable. I could not imagine anything better than the first session I hadbut it was. As per last time I called an hour before for location and instructed to call when I got to the parking lot whatever time. This is her usual set up. And if busy, she calls back when free. Often the time is not exactly because of full attention to each client, but runs close. So when I entered I saw the two of them devastatingly gorgeous again. My mouth just gaping open. UV was in very beautiful stockings lovely lace panties with a thong back so her magnificent ass was there to admire. An under breast corset and a bra, all in sexy black. In fact she has posted some pictures of her outfit on her blog so you'll see how ravishing she was. I'll cum again just from looking. It is an honor just to be in her presence. Gianna was wearing similar beautiful stockings and a nice corset coming up to her breasts. She is really quite beautiful as well, very much the sub to UV. UV spoke in her usual voice, quiet but commanding and just so sexy to direct me into the bathroom to take my clothes off. I gave her my requests but she uses them as ideas from which she does what she likes with you. So you don't know what's coming and this is fantastic. She immediately had me down on my kneesand then lying at her feet. I admired her sexy ankle top boots. I got a great view of her legs which go on forever, just extraordinary. I noted this time a really cool tattoo on her left leg, route 66 sign. She does love to travel. Shortly after that she wasted no time and permitted me to worship her ass. I kissed it with gusto just the lace thong back in the crack, and her wonderous firm cheeks felt so wonderful against my lips. Extraordinary once again. And Gianna kept walking next to me getting close rubbing her body lightly against mine. My cock was hard as a rock already. I can tell you I have ED but not with her, she is just too much. Shortly after she blindfolded me, took off her beautiful lace panties and stuffed them in my mouth. He scent and taste was EXTRAORDINARY!!! Then she wrapped tape tightly around my head. Now with my mouth taped I couldn't lick or kiss anymore and I couldn't see her magnificent cunt which I knew was inches away as she passed me. But I kept gag talking and taking in the scent on her panties which kept me intoxicated. She thentied me to a roll chair. I tried like mad to stretch and reach either of them but they werejust out of reach. I was gag talking like mad but it was unintelligible. Then UV started to bind up my cock and balls in a great tie. I felt pain and pleasure as she held them and then periodically pulled like shit to kill me and really get my attention. When you are bound up like that there is no way you can cum so that adds to the frustration as she played with me and her ass and pussy are inches away, but just out of reach. Then UV put on a menacing black strap on, walked by and teased me with it a bit. I was gag talking, telling her I was really in charge as my cock was real. But she paid me no mind and couldn't understand a word. She and Gianna just laughed at me, pitiful thing tied and cock tied to the chair. Then UV tied Gianna's hands and feet, pulled off her panties and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her with the strap on. As she started to do this I lunged to get the roll chair right next to them so I could be part of the action. And I got the blindfold up so I could see. But this angered UV so she had to wait and tied the chair to the end of the room. I was permitted to see, like a good cuckold but not to participate. In the meantime Gianna was waiting tied up over the bed with her pussy I could see dripping with anticipation. But Mistress came back and proceeded to thrust into Gianna. She moaned with pleasure from this big black cock and came again and again . Then UV pulled out the dripping black dick andabruptly came over to me, hold my head back and ripped the gag out. She stuffed the cock in my mouth and ordered my to suck it. Gianna's cumjuices were dripping down my throat and her scent filled my whole being. UV stuffed her big cock in all the way down to the hilt so I could not breath and I gagged, but I was in heaven, my lips at the base of the strap on an inch away from my beloved mistress'spussy lips. I sucked that cock for all it'sworth . Then she took it off and commanded me to worship her thighs. I licked and kissed, and sucked in her scent with my nostrils. Now I could see those pussy lips right in front of me. But it was just a little out of reach from my wondering tongue as I was tied to the chair. I strained. At the same time Gianna was walking around getting close and rubbing my head. I will never forget the image of those two pussies staring me in the face within inches of my nose, with a scent so wonderful, but just out of reach in my tied state. She then released me from the chair andcommanded me to worship her tits. But my cock was tied to my toes and my neck so I couldn't straighten up. I just couldn't get to those gorgeous boobs. Just so beautiful.I strained and strained. I would have pulled my cock off to get to those tits. Mistress then retied me to the footstool, bent over with my ass exposed for her to play with. I love to top from the bottom so I told her I was in charge this whole time and I was about to take over. So this time she got hot and gave me a strong slap in the face. I got humble very fast. I could not take her wrath. And I had a mark on my face for a week from her rock hard hand. But my ass was there to play with now, and she was going to use it. This was a wonderful and new experience for me. A vibrating pulsating device was stuck in. It sent shocks pulsating into my cock.She enjoyed playing with my ass with Gianna following suit, them both enjoyingmy bound body, laughing and touching, having a wonderful time. She walked around and allowed me to worship her now naked ass again. OVERWHELMING. The cock bondage had been released, and it was just too much for me. I could not hold it anymore. Not being very slave likeI came a gushing amount without permission. I was exhausted. I looked at these 2 extraordinary women who dominated me so skillfully. After we cleaned up, UV told me he shehad many plans, including being tied together to Gianna to struggle against each other's hot naked sweating bodies. Cannot wait for otheradventures that she dreams up.
I have had many sessions over last several years but this was THE hottest Domme session ever. The two work so well together, and are so skilled. The tease and denial was THE BEST!! And the sexy ness and beauty of both was OUTRAGEOUS. But what has to be the final word; look at UV's ass pic on her blog. I have cum twice writing this, thinking about our time and looking at it. If you do not RUSH to see her you are both brain and cock dead!!!!!!