Wow. Let me just say that I just came from a session with her and I'm speechless. She was absolutely breathtaking and her body was to die for. The photos she has on her website do not lie and she is exactly as beautiful as she appears and when you meet her in person and add in her personality, it's like the word "beautiful" doesn't even come close to describing her. I know this sounds like a slave goo-goo-gah-gahing all over her, but those of you who have had the wonderful opportunity to session with her know exactly what I'm talking about. I'll explain more below.

My session:
She is probably one of the most intelligent dominatrix I've sessioned with and that is a HUGE turn on for me. She has such a powerful presence where you feel if you do anything she doesn't like, she will snap you in half. So I was just nervous as hell and can see and feel that she lives up to her title of Empress. She was incredibly welcoming and accommodating when I first walked in and we chatted for a bit and then she ordered me to strip and get on my knees which I did promptly. She knows when the chat is over and when to put you in your place and I without hesitating did exactly as she said.

She asked me to crawl over to her on the couch and to clean her dirty sweaty feet which I did promptly. I believe she complimented me on how well I scrubbed them with my tongue but I don't remember too well as I was in heaven. She has such beautiful feet. And just to let those who are willing to session with her know, she loves when you clean in between her toes. She told me exactly how she wanted her feet clean and wasn't afraid to smack my cock and grab and squeeze my balls until I got it right.

She then ordered me to kiss and worship her ass and legs which HOLY SHIT, if you EVER get the opportunity... I was speechless. I feel like I'm rambling because there's so much I want to say! But I won't spoil it. Anyway, she then ordered me to lay on my back and serve her as a toilet, and let me tell you that her nectar was so so sweet as was her present. I came immediately after she ordered me to and that was it. I wished I could've cleaned and worshipped her ass some more but I hope to earn that privilege next time.

She was exceeded my expectations and I would definitely love to see her again. I highly recommend her and I'll be completely honest that I am a no bullshit hard critique. This was my first time with her and I thoroughly enjoyed her. I also enjoyed her conversation afterwards. She's so incredibly sweet but can immediately make you feel like the pathetic slave that you are. SO MUCH FUN! I'm so sorry if I sound like a fanboy or pathetic but I haven't been this excited after a session in a long time and feel like I can write an essay about her.

ALSO- I should mention, for my first time, I felt incredibly safe and felt like my privacy is and will be kept safe in her dungeon and that honestly is a huge one for me. It's a deal breaker honestly. If I don't feel safe or feel that discretion is taken, I will not see a Mistress. She won me over.

**I forgot to add a link! - If you are interested here's her information:

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