From the moment Mistress Lucy opens the door, She is in control. Mistress is very thorough and pays close attention to detail. i am privileged to have sessioned with Her twice - the first time in Her sumptuous Submission LA dungeon (highly recommended), the second at Chicago Dungeon Rental’s upscale west loop location. i had never sessioned before in person with a Mistress, thus my first session with Mistress Lucy was everything a novice could hope for (and for you novices out there reading this - you will never want to session with anyone else). The second time, just two days ago, was at a whole new level.

Mistress is everything a slave dreams of - beautiful, intelligent, playful, inventive, wicked, caring, and very experienced. Her presence is like a constant surge of electricity - i am on and i perform to the utmost for Her. Everything She does flows naturally from one thing to another, like a story, like a play, and i am the star, and She makes a great audience, for She enjoys the drama just as much as i do. i am a masochist, and i love to suffer for Her, and She knows just exactly how far and how hard to push, and She loves to break me both physically and emotionally.

For example, after a thorough beating i had been granted shoe and foot worship. Mistress then casually instructs me to crawl to the bathroom, grab a washcloth, run warm water on it, and bring it back, crawling all the way. Not easy to do with one free hand but i do it, on a hard wooden floor. i begin to wash Her feet but the cloth is cold. Back again i go, on all fours, getting the water as warm as i can, then return to finish the job. Still too cold. Trouble. Throughout the ensuing punishment She talks softly about warmth, and reminds me, with whips, floggers, paddles and canes, just what “warm” is. Point is - Mistress Lucy effortlessly creates this scenario, so that i am transported into this magical place, a storybook place, made real, so real that i am, days later, still living and reliving it. Gifts that keep on giving.

There is not enough space and time to name all the many wonderful and amazing and truly decadent arts in which Mistress Lucy Khan engages. i had so much fun i cannot wait until i can return to Her. In the meantime i still enjoy every bruise, every sore muscle, and a very tender nipple, each a further reminder of what Mistress means to me. And if you are fortunate enough to session with Her, ask Her, like i did, for some of Her champagne, and watch Her pour it out while you hold your container right over your face (i recommend a glass bottle). And yeah - She still had plenty left over for a thorough golden shower.

Speaking of which - i did notice that after the session was over, when i rinsed off in the shower, that water never did get warm….