A Tale of Two Mistresses
Mistress Boss and Mistress Tyler

My preparations started about a week before my visit. I asked Wardress Boss if there were any directives I should follow and She replied yes. One directive that I was particularly excited about was that I was to remain chaste until my visit to “The Compound”. I was also instructed that I would be placed in chastity upon arrival. This began to set in a myriad of emotions and thoughts about my upcoming session. I was excited at the prospect of being placed in chastity, caged if you will, and then caged again at some point. The thought of my cock being caged and then myself being caged (caged in a cage), heightened my desires to submit, to be submissive, well, to be a slave to and for the Wardress and by extension although unknown at this point, Mistress Tyler.

I arrived at “The Compound” at midday following a rainy and stormy morning. Was that an omen of the day ahead? I was met at the door by my Mistress, Wardress Boss, who opened the door just enough to let me in and that’s when I saw Her radiant face, I hesitated for just a brief second or two to cast my eyes on a most beautiful sight in front of me – Wardress Boss. I immediately collapsed into the “Nadu” Position. Earlier that day and the night before, I studied the various submissive positions so that I could impress the Mistress. As soon as I entered, I fell to the ground in the “Nadu” position. Well, this was my first surprise of the day. This was not the position Wardress wanted me to present myself in. I was commanded to present myself in the “Obeisance” position. I hurriedly recovered and assumed the position. Mistress briefly lectured me on Her health regime and advised my conversations I had with Her had a positive impact on Her health regime. I was happy for that. Wardress made a stunning appearance resplendent in Her outfit that accentuated all Her many fine attributes. In the “Obeisance” position I was commanded to kiss first Her left high heel covered foot and then the right. I immediately felt a sense of calm over me, like I had never left “The Compound”, I was comfortable in my own skin, submitting to Wardress Boss.

Again (and one of my favorite parts of coming to “The Compound”), I was commanded to strip all my clothes off and place them in the chest under lock and key. Again, I was naked in front of my Mistress feeling very natural as it should be. Mistress placed my collar on me as one of the first acts of dominance over me, and then proceeded to leg shackle and handcuff me. Again all part of the intake process. I was instructed to make my way to the bathroom on the third floor and then meet the Wardress in the Library. Well, following my use of the facilities, I wondered back down the steps to the first floor. Strike two already. My mind, already in space, sub-space that is, along with my body (floating in sub space at this point) was in the wrong place. Wardress’s voice crackled through the air alerting me I as in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hurriedly went up the steps, chains clanging to meet Wardress. After apologizing for my ineptitude, I found myself in the library staring at the Berkeley Horse.

Wardress in Her own indomitable way told me things would be a little different today. I was to have a day of rubber and rubber fetish. Wardress said She was going to dress me in rubber, a rubber cat suit. Well, I thought to myself, “Rubber was never, ever something I thought about or found the least bit intriguing”. But, boy did I soon learn the meaning of “Never say Never”!!

Wardress explained all about the cat suit, how She wore it in the past as She rubbed a substance on me so the suit would slip over my body easier. Once in the suit, I was ordered into the shower and instructed to make sure I got water inside the suit so that it would fit better. Wardress then placed a snug black rubber corset on me. A wig completed the ensemble, and when Wardress had me look at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t believe my eyes nor my feelings. I looked wonderful! I felt wonderful! Very svelte and the rubber fit like a glove. I was starting to get excited. Especially, when Wardress pointed out the strategically located zippers on the suit. What did Wardress have up Her sleeve with those zippers? I thought. Suddenly I was instructed to align myself on the Berkley Horse. A device I was familiar with from my first visit to “The Compound”. Once stationed on the horse, the front zipper on the suit was unzipped and my cock and balls were placed in by now the all too familiar stockade. “See”, Wardress said. There are many ways to put you in chastity”, harkening back to the email She sent me. Once locked in place and peering at my cock in the stockade, I saw it starting to become excited at what may have been coming next. And yes, the zipper on the back of my suit was unzipped exposing my ass to the Wardress’s whims. Will it be the belts, tawse, and paddles I experienced the first time? Would they be more intense? Not more than a minute later, I was exposed to a steady drumbeat of hand spanking. As the spanking grew harder, I felt the blows over the rubber. It was a new and different feeling, but a good feeling. I jutted my backside out more so that I could meet Wardress’s hand as the blows struck. While stinging, it was powerfully effective. Once warmed up, Wardress decided to have a little fun (at my expense of course) and open me up further, telling me that “Of course as a prisoner (“Prison Bitch” was one of the terms of “endearment” Wardress hurled at me) She as Wardress, needed to make sure I was not “hiding anything up there”, The gloved fingers went in spreading me further and the feeling of Her fingers searching up my ass felt so good. I thought sure Wardress was going to discipline me with Her various straps as She did in my first visit. But never underestimate you think you know what’s in store. I did not receive any strokes this visit. I could see myself dripping a bit but that was all it was going to be.

Wardress removed me and took me to the dungeon where She placed me on the multi-bench, a device I had not had the pleasure of meeting before. My ass was exposed and my cock and balls were left to hang as Wardress strapped me to the multi-bench. While lying on the bench, I heard a “thud” and looked down to the floor. Wardress had dropped what must have been ten belts. I thought to myself “I’m already restrained”. “She can’t possibly be thinking of using all of them”? AHH Wrong again latrina, Wardress used all but one! By the time Wardress was done, I had mobility all right. Mobility to “wiggle” my nose! I’m glad She didn’t see me wiggle it, what with my hair falling over my face, I’m sure She might have found a way to tie that up too. I had this huge urge to rub my nose but of course couldn’t. Once immobilized, Wardress then placed a vibrating device in my ass which was now totally exposed for Her to do as She willed. Once inserted, it felt exquisitely good in there, especially when I would clench my ass. Well, now that that orifice was taken care of, Wardress turned Her sights to the “main” event, shall we say. Wardress of course decided to place me in Chastity, using I believe the CB 6000. Wardress expertly applied the ring, finding and securing that elusive ball that gave Her so much trouble the first time. Not to be outdone, Wardress expertly got a hold of both balls and secured them neatly into the device and applied the lock. Now I could barely see the device hanging. With a vibrator stimulating my ass, my cock securely and snugly in its cage, I strained against my bindings to catch a glimpse, but alas could not until Wardress decided to remove me from the multi-bench.

After ensuring I was securely placed into chastity, Wardress Boss took me to the third floor bathroom and had me lie down in the tub. My heart raced as I had a feeling of what was coming next on the menu. Not to be disappointed, Wardress told me She was going to straddle my supine body and pee on me. First on my face and then She moved over my chastity encased cock. As She dribbled over my face, I lapped up what I could take. I was in nirvana, the taste, the smell, watching it dribble over my face, then my cock. I could have stayed right there for the rest of the session. But, the dribble turned into a trickle and Wardress was soon finished. Up I got and was told to shower off, clean the cat suit and meet Mistress in the library.

In the library, Mistress dressed me in a girdle type corset, stockings She had on earlier. This felt wonderful as Wardress “shimmied” the stockings up my legs. Wardress had one other surprise, a pair of sheer panties She said were Hers. She rolled them up my legs and around my waist. The panties were quite sheer and I could see the chastity device outlined inside the panties. I was excited to say the least. When Wardress said as a reward if I did as told, the panties could be mine to take with me. Well, that completely aroused me. “A pair of Wardress’s panties for my very own”? “Priceless”!!

Wardress cuffed and shackled me and led me to my cell on the third floor where I was locked in for the next two hours.

As the hours drew by, I would rub my panties over my chastity device but sadly, while I so wanted to rub myself against the panties, the chastity device was a perfect barrier to prevent me from arousing myself with my precious panties.

As my incarceration drew to a close, I could now hear both Wardress Boss and Mistress Tyler make their way to my cell to let me out. It was now my time to submit to Mistress Tyler. I was very nervous, never mind it was only my second session, but I was now going to submit to a new Mistress.

Wardress Boss introduced me and we went into the dungeon adjacent to my cell where we spent a few minutes getting to know one another. I was glad we had this time together as Mistress Tyler who is a very lovely Mistress, made me feel comfortable and at ease. Once our pleasantries were over, Mistress turned to Her business at hand and had me kneel and kiss first Her right foot/toes then Her left. Her toes were painted red to match Her fingernails and lipstick (truth be told, I am a sucker for all things red; panties, bras, slips, toenails fingernails, toenails lips.

Mistress was kind enough to allow me a decent amount of time to tend to each of Her feet and toes. As I kissed, I inhaled the smells ever so slightly, as I did not want to offend Mistress but yet wanted that sensory pleasure. Once satisfied with the homage I paid, Mistress ordered me to the CBT chair. I watched with both pleasure and fear as I followed Mistress with my eyes as She methodically rummaged through all the equipment and devices. Mistress chose a pair of bondage gloves as well as a pair of leather ankle cuffs. Soon I was locked into place on the CBT chair. Mistress pranced around me. I knew I was Her prey. How was She going to begin to devour Her prey? Well first She said I needed some lipstick. My heart raced. “Did you ever have lipstick on before, She asked? I meekly nodded yes. Mistress painted my lips red with lipstick but also used lip gloss on me. I was in paradise. I couldn’t wait to smack my lips together as She did, following Her lead, tasting both the lipstick and lip gloss. It soon became evident when Mistress produced a rather large rubber cock the purpose of the lipstick and lip gloss. I was to amuse Mistress with my cock-sucking abilities using my painted red lips. I slowly flicked the tip as She instructed. But She wanted more from me. I began to suck it harder and take more of it into my mouth. As I did, Mistress uttered into my ear “Go ahead, Work it”, “That’s it” “Take it in”, Her soft velvety voice egging me on only made my desire to please Her though my sucking ability all the more intense. A couple times, Mistress took the cock out of my mouth to show me the traces of lipstick I left behind. By now my head is spinning and all I wanted to do was please Mistress with my cocksucking abilities and listen to Her voice. She had me look at myself in the mirror in front of me after sucking cock. What stared back at me was a complete and total slut, - dressed up, in panties, a set of tits, lipstick on, wig on, and in chastity. No other way to describe it – a Slut with a capital “S”! All the while, Mistress started to flick with Her nails at my nipples. AHH!! Now, my nipples are extremely sensitive and touching them causes me to shake all over (a fact of life for me). Mistress keenly picked up on that and proceeded to torture my little nipples. I must say I never saw them so erect. At one point Mistress was rummaging through a display with a whole set of chains on them. I thought to myself, “Oh She’s going to put a leash on my collar”! Lovely, I wanted to experience that!!. So Mistress comes in front of me with the chain, but, to my shock, I saw it had clamps on each end. “AHHHHHH “ I thought, that’s not to leash me”! They’re for my nipples!!! And with that sure enough, Mistress clamps my nipples! Ten minutes prior, I didn’t want my nipples touched. “Ever”! Ten minutes later not only were they run over with Mistress’s nails, but there they were now clamped and me staring at them in the mirror. Never ever did I see this coming! Mistress took my attention away from my nipples by concentrating on other parts of me so I started to get use to the nipple pain.

Mistress decided to next move me to the cross where She made sure I was securely locked in place with both rope and cuffs. Now, Mistress was going to have Her way with my ass. She asked me if I had ever been fucked and I modestly replied “Yes”. “Wardress Boss fucked me (and fucked me good I might add) the first time I visited “The Compound”. As Mistress loosened me up and inserted Her toy inside me, I could not see if it was a dick, a butt plug or what. Mistress told me what it was, but to be honest I was in such a state that I can’t remember what She said. She whispered in my ear how tight I was (which just put me through the roof. I’m a verbal (and visual) slut and She picked up on that as she began to make me say and repeat things aloud which is a huge turn-on for me . To be made to say things about myself. Mistress told me to say I was Her whore; I was going to make money for Her. As I was saying this, She started to stroke the back of me especially my ass with a flogger. It felt so good that I would try to anticipate Her stroke by jutting out my ass to meet Her flogger. It felt so good. I had chills running up and down my body.

As I watched myself drip through my chastity device, I again became excited as I started mouth “I’m a whore”, I’m a dirty Whore”, “I’m going to make money for you” “I’m going to make lots of money for you”. With each declaration, I grew more excited. Mistress tapped into something in me that I never really mentioned. That is I get very excited when I am “Told to say things about myself that are “dirty” or “wrong” or made to do things that are “dirty” or “bad”. And worse made to say the dirty wrong bad things I am doing. This only caused me to drip more as Mistress had inserted the toy in my ass that combined with what I was saying and thinking, caused me to begin to “milk”. I thought, “Will tease and denial stop? That’s my other weakness. I’m a sucker for anticipation.
I guess I amused and pleasured Mistress enough so She untied me and led me to the dungeon bed were I laid on my back. My hands were still secured in the bondage mitts which were then locked to the bed as were my cuffed ankles. Mistress sure did like my nipples as She could not stop touching them with Her nails. With each flick, my body shook as this is probably one of the most sensitive areas on my body. I couldn‘t believe how sensitive until Mistress touched my nose with the same intensity (which turned out to be very little. That’s just how sensitive they are.

At one point Mistress in a low voice asked me about my name – “latrina”. “Why do you have that name”? She asked. I shuddered to myself before responding. In a low voice (not like there was anybody else around to hear it or anything), I stuttered, “Because, Because I like it when Wardress Boss pees on me or Wardress lets me smell Her. With that Mistress stretched out Her underarms and commanded I smell them. I took a deep breath and savored every minute of it. Mistress allowed to do the same to Her feet. She even allowed me to smell Her neck area. Wow! Was I in seventh heaven! As Mistress moved about me lying on the bed, I could not help but look up at Her. At one point, She asked me if I was looking up Her skirt. I was immediately embarrassed. How could I not look if I’m flat on my back and Mistress is standing over me? I tried to avert my eyes but Mistress only taunted me further “Are you one of those?” “Maybe I need to give you a demerit?” “This could prevent you from getting the present Wardress promised you”. Round and round we went, at one point She teased Oh – you don’t want to look?. “No , No, that’s not what I meant” I said. I was confused now and Mistress in Her soft and velvety voice said “Damned if you do look and damned if you don’t look.” My mind was mush by this point, but I saw Mistress looking around in the dungeon and finally She came back with of all things an electric toothbrush. This was certainly out of the blue I thought. An electric toothbrush? And I knew just where that was going when She powered it on –of course the most sensitive area of my body, my nipples ! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I’ll never look at an electric toothbrush the same again!

Well it was not long until I heard Wardress Boss making Her way to the dungeon. “I heard some of those screams while I was in my office on the second floor”, She said.
And with that, Wardress Boss said there was going to be one more unexpected twist and turn today. We made our way to the second floor dungeon where I was told I was going to be placed in an inflatable device so that both Wardress Boss and Mistress Tyler could continue the torment but now with only my head ex[posed. The rest of my body was now encased and Wardress Boss in only the way She could laugh at my predicament and say “latrina dear”, we’re going to blow you up now”. With that She started the generator and I could feel the air flowing in. I must say, I was feeling a bit good and made some comments. Wardress Boss put a stop to that. “This is becoming like a peanut gallery” “I’ll fix that!”, She said. And of course She did!! She rather quickly gagged me with I think a bridal gag! She laughed at my predicament and actually wanted to hear how I would garble my words straining from the gag! At that point, Mistress Tyler is climbing atop me and I could feel Her trampling me while Wardress Boss is adding Her two cents to the festivities (their festivities, not mine although I didn’t mind it) Finally, they let me out but now placed me in the sling locking my hands and ankles. Wardress Boss took great joy as Mistress Tyler started to tie up my balls and Wardress Boss decided to get in on the action by turning this into “predicament” bondage as She laughed at my predicament. Now I understood the meaning of “predicament” bondage. My legs were spread so wide, They could see everything and made sure I knew it as They laughingly told me. The rope tied to my cock and balls , and tied to cuffed wrists, tied to my collar, my ankles so that if I moved, my cock and balls would strain from the movement. They were becoming quite the tag team, a “Tag Team of Mayhem and Destruction” that is.

All this in preparation I soon came to realize, for Wardress Boss to give me a good “fucking”! Wardress Boss fucked me good the last time and now with my most sensitive areas tied and cuffed in predicament bondage, I eagerly waited for Wardress Boss to “fuck me” again. All with Her eyes and body undulating as I peered at Her fucking me. She thrust in, She thrust out, and even though with every movement of my body due to my predicament, I hurt, I fucked Her back as best I could. I just couldn’t get enough. That is until Ms. Boss decided Her cock wasn’t big enough and asked Mistress Tyler for a bigger one. If anyone has ever heard Wardress Boss’ voice and how She asks, or demands or just speaks (with just a trace of an accent) it’s (and I mean this) Intoxicating!! Mistress Tyler obliged and as I watched Ms. Boss strap it on, I couldn’t believe how big it was and how was that going to fit in me. Well, Wardress Boss is nothing short of an angel and She slid that cock right in there! I started to thrust back and forth again as Mistress Tyler was thrusting from the back of my head. I didn’t want it to end. But almost abruptly, Wardress Boss slid it out before I could even consider releasing.

They both undid me from the sling and Wardress took me to the third floor dungeon where I again laid on my back. With the lights now out, Wardress sat on my face and whispered for me to smell Her. She said softly and quietly “I just finished my period two day ago”. I was insane with lust in my heart, and endeavored to inhale as deep as I could. As my heart pounded, I did not want it to end. Suddenly Wardress Boss got up and sat me up to the side of the bed where She proceeded to allow me to smell Her underarms which were soaking with sweat. My breath was literally taken away. Finally for the “Pièce de Résistance”, Wardress Boss said She always wanted to pee on someone who was clothed (I in my stockings and girdle corset, I think fit the bill) We proceed to the tub where I laid down and Mistress strode over me. Only this time, as She let loose, it was a torrent, all over my face and upper body, I opened my mouth and let some slip in. The taste was absolutely wonderful. Then She stopped but was not finished yet. She stood over my lower body and peed on my cock. Again it was like a flood as I looked up. I cupped my hands and to take what I could and rubbed it on my face and over my lips. Wardress Boss then commanded me to “Open my Mouth”. She spit into it and told me to swallow. She did this a couple times and I was Hers at that point to do with as She willed. I savored Her saliva in my mouth ever so briefly until She commanded me to swallow it. I’m not sure if there are words to describe how I felt at that point (If there are, I haven’t found them yet).

Finally, She stopped for good and knelt by the side of the tub. Wardress told me no release today but that I earned my present and instructed about releasing when I got home. Well, I was in such a state of bliss, I couldn’t keep my thoughts straight at that point. And even as I write this, I can’t remember exactly what I was supposed to do.
With that, I showered and met Wardress Boss and Mistress Tyler on the second floor where They presented me with my present and instructed me to wear them home.

What a wonderful day, I hugged Mistress Tyler tightly and thanked Her for what was a most wonderful experience. I proceeded down the stairs where I dressed and spoke with Wardress Boss who was kind enough to let me decompress a little and talk to Her. With that I hugged Wardress Boss again ever so tightly and briefly. I truly didn’t want to leave. But of course I did and drove home recounting one of the best days in my life (as was the day of my first visit to “The Compound”).