What more is there to say about this wonderful Woman, who exerts her authority and demeanor in just about every aspect an encounter with Her allows? If you have not heard of the sensational Mistress Ayn, please take a quick look at Her photos now. (You won't be sorry!) If you are fortunate enough to meet Her in person, Mistress Ayn looks even more stunning and amazing than Her images ever let on.

i was honored enough to have read about Mistress Ayn on here, and Her reviews are quite favorable. As luck would have it, Mistress was traveling nearby and i sent Her a brief (or what i thought was brief) introduction and begged Her for an audience. Mistress Ayn was kind enough to respond, and politely declined that privilege. (Why am i mentioning this in a review praising Mistress Ayn?) The scene i had described was not of interest to Her and rather than pretend to mislead anyone, She simply cut straight to the chase. Truly an admirable quality in retrospect. Appreciative, but slightly disheartened, i followed up and described a few more fetishes of mutual interest and begged Mistress to reconsider an audience; and i am so happy that She did!

Mistress Ayn communicates very clearly, and She creates quite a precious moment based on what you share with Her. Time with Her is not simulated, and Mistress Ayn is in total control the moment you encounter Her presence, yet you will feel quite comfortable as if it is entirely natural to serve Her. i was completely entranced by Her beauty, the exquisite care of Her apparel demonstrating Her art of seduction and authority, and the words that She used during o/Our entire session and all i wanted to do was worship and please Mistress Ayn.

This being o/Our first encounter, Mistress Ayn took Her time to properly inspect the new piece of slave flesh presented before Her. Mistress had me strip, so that i was at my most vulnerable and feeble state, and kneel in the center of the room. She made sure to circle around like a Lioness toying with Her prey and inspected just about every inch of me; commenting on what qualities had potential and what displeased Her. Mistress made it quite clear, that it was a privilege to be before Her. That as a slave, i had little purpose but to serve and perform for Her desire. And the way Mistress Ayn communicated that with me quickly put me into a trance where i mentally and physically wanted to obey. i absolutely loved the way that Mistress not only told me what Her thoughts were, but She had me repeat them to Her. This method really establishes the total control that Mistress Ayn has over Her slaves from the moment they are in front of Her.

During o/Our afternoon, i was not only instructed on how to properly serve and obey, but Mistress also educated me. i have quite the heavy foot fetish, and of course, this potentially leads to greedy, unwarranted slobbering and sucking on the toes of a Goddess. Mistress Ayn made sure to monitor this, keeping me in my place with some bondage and Her words. Mistress cultured me on the proper way to serve, holding Her feet accordingly so that the natural effects of gravity would never make her uncomfortable. Then She instructed me to not just kiss and suck, but to appreciate the lovely privilege She was allowing. To slowly admire, sniff, inhale and truly adore the embrace of Her divine feet. Mistress Ayn recognized that i could kiss and worship Her feet for hours, and She surprisingly found use for my insignificant slave mouth and was kind enough to remind me that perhaps i wasn't completely useless to Her.

There is indeed so much more that happened during o/Our afternoon. Mistress instilled thoughts in my mind of serving Her as a sissy cuckold, She tied me up and executed some excruciating tease and denial with Her feet, applied cock & ball abuse in that same predicament, and even let me stare up at Her amazing ass and beg for a simple sniff of Her glorious essence.

Mistress Ayn is an expert at Her craft and She will create a scene for you that lasts for many moments beyond your precious experiences with Her in scene. There really are not enough ways to describe just HOW exceptional She is at what She does and you won't regret serving at Her feet.