Greetings all. All is great here at the dungeon and art studio. I am just a bit disappointed. I have not been able to reach anyone to help Me to change over My stage name here for My board. Wrote lots of emails but to no avail. I have heard privately from some others that things are falling by the wayside. Gosh darnit. I hope not. This is My world and My passion. Sad.

As for the House here in Scranton PA (NEPA) all is good but a hard winter. The guest room is avail with advanced notice. Just call My 888 number from My or site and leave a message only. I do not directly answer phones to upscale the privacy factor. Dinner in Dungeon is in full swing and new Southern style receipes are comforting and tasty! I have been working on My animal rescue food program from My artwork and love helping those who can't afford or the elderly who physically can't feed their pets. I do house stop bys. Our meals on wheels program has cut down tons here in Scranton due to lack of volunteeer drivers. They used to give pet food out...That's where I got My idea. I love it as much as torturing My slave huzbin Georgie.

Join Me on face book and twitter for daily stuff. You can see My twitter updates from window of the page, bottom right, then join My pages on facebook.

I look forward to training you soon. Spring is coming!

Vendela Rockefeller Est
Scranton Pa USA

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