I have fantasized about doing an extended kidnapping style role-play for years. It was always the sort of fantasy I felt a pro-Domme would be best suited to fulfill, but getting over my nerves and finding the right person (and being able to afford it) made it seem perhaps best left a fantasy.

I'd sessioned with Susie Sixx before, so I knew she was a great Domme and really good with rope. I wrote to her and laid out my basic fantasy - the crux of which was to do a role play 'kidnapping' where I would be kept bound and gagged for 8 hours. I specified a few activities to go along with the bondage, and my limits, but left the majority of the scene for her to improvise. She was up for it, and because it was such a long scene and I wouldn't need to be supervised every single moment of it, she gave me a very generous discount from her normal rate. No excuses now so game on.

I arrived at her playspace and we talked for a few minutes before getting into it. She inquired about any medical issues I might have that would be problematic, which is part of the reason I wanted to see a pro, so I can sink into the fantasy knowing I don't have to worry about anything unsexy, like asphyxiating in a closet while trying to remember whether or not I cleared my browser history.

I've done very little roleplay, so I wasn't sure what it would be like to do a scene like that for eight straight hours. I shouldn't have worried - she was great with it! She was really into it right from the start and having a lot of fun with the scenario while putting her own twist on it. She's very smart, creative, and that English accent is still crazy sexy.

Still, the session was really all about being controlled through bondage, and once she tied me up, it was 8 hours of uninterrupted bondage fun.

I tried to get loose, too, struggling pretty hard. I was able to work the gag off once but she just tied another one on even tighter. She was in total control, there was nothing to do but sink into the experience. I struggled and did my best to get free but I never even came close.

I was hogtied, chair tied, lashed down to her table, and put into some creative positions for which there are no names but there's also no escape. Some of the time I was left to struggle, or simply endure, other times she teased/toyed with me. She was alternately playful and rough, mixing up the type of play to keep me off balance. A soft touch here, a rough hand next, then a blindfold and fingernails dragging along my chest followed up by some sharp spanking. I was always left to guess exactly what would happen next.

She was careful not to cut off circulation or leave me for too long in any one position. I never felt in control, but I always felt safe.

A truly memorable experience, I can't speak highly enough about her skill and enthusiasm. After being scared of doing eight hours, I'm already thinking about trying a 12 hour overnight session.