As a humiliation freak, I have been enjoying Mistress An Li’s clips for months and they stirred me into finally arranging a session with this Asian dynamo. Setting it up was easy. The Mistress was accessible and communicative, first through email then via phone. I dislike being predisposed of a session because expectations can bring disappointment but short of bad chemistry, I just knew it was going to be good. The exchanges gave me the impression of a very bright, intuitive, genuine Domme who puts herself completely into her work.

A couple of short days after initial contact, I was at a high end dungeon in the arts district of downtown LA with the Mistress. She is very attractive with a luscious, curvy figure, highlighted by a world class derriere. I am an ass lover and Mistress An Li’s is absolutely exquisite. Her manner is efficient, confident, in control which was really promising. I had detailed my interests in emails – smothering, face slapping, spitting, bullying, verbal humiliation – so there wasn’t the need for a long conversation. She inquired about my limits both physical and emotional. I told Her I prefer to relinquish control and put my trust into her judgment which brought a wicked little grin to her face and a snappy, “Good!”

A safe word was provided, nonetheless, then it started. All of the above were addressed and what is so refreshing is how Mistress An Li prosecuted my fetishes on Her terms. She wasn't simply going through the motions but it felt like she was exploiting my desires for her purposes, with fluidity, crispness and spontaneity. That’s a huge turn on. I have been sessioning with professional Mistresses for 30 years and have become somewhat jaded. Way back when, I thrived on the adrenaline of being pushed to the edge of uncertainty which hasn’t happened in years. It did that night. Mistress An Li actually sparked that delicious submissive fear that has eluded me in sessions for years and she knew just how far to push. This Mistress is the most talented face slapper who’s impact I have ever had the privilege of receiving. The result speaks for itself:

Mistress An Li is a sexy, brilliant dominatrix, an ‘old school’ no-nonsense Mistress who could be very addictive