>How may of you guys are content with the session as long as the play was good regardless of whether you are granted permission to release?

It depended on how new I was in playing our bdsm games. When I first began I anticipated and expected nothing in particular. Now that I know that it is "often" or at least sometimes "available," I may, depending on the context, regard it as insulting to be denied without meaning. (Insulting and not in a good way.) Since I don't see a domme to be insulted, insulting behavior on her part usually makes it less likely that I would return.

I tend to hope for or expect dommes to be at least somewhat cooperative, but also, cooperation can also include using things against me to get what she wants. Not playing some games means either I do not go back or she must be really very good at some other aspect or game for me to return . . . which has also happened.

>How many of you *expect* release during your session?

It depends a lot on the website, photos and advertising (and maybe reviews) of the domme . . . For some dommes, it won't be happening in most cases . . . for others it is perfectly normal and implied in her ads and reviews even those on her own website . . . for some in the middle, it is either normal or used against the sub in some way, depending on her mood and preferences.

>Do you feel disappointed with the session if you are not permitted >release?

In a session with a domme in which her website, ads, photos or reviews indicate the possibility or likelihood, then, she is being insulting to just say or indicate no . . .

Each domme, I suppose, makes her own choices in terms of insults she provides and why . . . and whether or not she has less visitors due to unnecessary insults . . . Of course, if a guy was overweight, gross, incompetent, uncooperative, wouldn't take much caning when the domme wished to give it, etc, then, sure, I and the majority of subs would expect to be told no or insulted in this way and it is not really an "insult"--it is a kind of discipline . . .

If the sub/guy is cooperative, clean, helpful and does as the domme expects [i]AND[/i] if the guy knows or the domme knows from her website or ads that "releasing" happens, then, she is being an insulting brat or at the very least she might at least set out other expectations.

Of course, there are other dommes whose websites or ads indicate to not expect anything and maybe she isn't being insulting at all to say no . . . and maybe or maybe not her reviews are consistent. (There are dommes who say "None of" and there are reviews of her that say "Yes.")

In your case, since you do allow c*m in session often, one question to enjoy exploring is how you might use it against a sub and why and how that goes . . .

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