I saw Her recently and was blown away! We did a forced sniffing session, which is Her expertise. She went to the gym beforehand and greeted me right after Her workout. Her feet, sneakers, and worn gym socks smelled extremely potent. I have seen Dommes who claim to have smelly feet in the past, but was always let down.

Fawn is the real deal. I sniffed Her sweaty feet and stinky armpits, and worshipped Her legs and body (in yoga pants and then panties). It was so intense I got dizzy. She tied me up with rope and verbally humiliated me in between ignoring me and spitting on me.

She also took a pair of Her panties and shoved them in my mouth like a gag, telling me it was the closest I'd ever get to tasting Her. Delicious.

We ended the session with a golden treat. Her space has a toilet chair for this, and bathroom for cleanup afterwards. I think She offers full training but not for first-timers. (Hope that's ok to say).

Fawn's demeanor is firm yet playful. She has a youthful energy but knows what She is doing. It was exactly what I needed both physically and mentally.

Since I can't afford to see Fawn as much as I would like, I plan to buy her dirty panties, socks, and pantyhose in between sessions. The odor and flavor are very addictive.

Foot & stink fetishists take note of this Princess!

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