Earlier this year I saw Mistress Ayn for the first time. As a relative "Newbie" at the time, She introduced me to so many new experiences, I knew I would see Her again and again. Since then we have enjoyed each others company on several occasions. Each session absolutely mind blowing. Mistress Ayn suggested a double session for my next visit with Goddess Samantha. I naturally agreed. With everyone's travel schedules the date was several weeks away. The anticipation of the event is a slow torture all it's own. The day finally arrives and the call came to come to the Dungeon. I showed up at the dungeon with a case filled with some gear that I have been accumulating. As the door opens I am greeted with two absolutely gorgeous lady's, dressed for business, and looking amazing. Mistress Ayn introduced me to Goddess Samantha, She's a beautiful woman and made me comfortable from the beginning. I knew the next four hours was going to be a lot of fun. We spent a few moments chatting and opening a few gifts I had with me. During the discussion, I mentioned how, as a business owner, it was nice to turn myself over to someone else for a while, with no decisions to make. It is a therapy for me. Goddess Samantha and Mistress Ayn decided to show me what it was like to have a Spa Day with them at the "A&S Dom Spa". With that said, I was instructed to remove my shoes. Mistress Ayn removed my shirt and dropped my pants revealing my little buddy locked in chastity and wearing a pair of crotchless pantyhose. That got a reaction. I was instructed to stand still while my two new Spa Technicians rummaged through my bag of toys to see what else I had in there. They discovered a pair of calf high, high heel boots. I was immediately instructed to put those on and told they would remain on during the entire session. I was instructed to parade around the dungeon for them. Time for the Spa treatment to begin. I was placed on the cross with my back exposed and my high heeled legs cuffed and spread wide and wrists secured. For the next, I have no idea how long, Mistress Ayn and Goddess Samantha took turns, flogging, paddling, caning and whipping my back, butt, and balls. While the other one was facing me smiling and laughing and torturing my front side, especially my nipples. This was my "back massage" part of the Spa Treatment. Next is was decided to retreat to the Medical Room where I was strapped down, placed in Bondage Mitts, blindfolded and completely immobilized. After hearing some quiet whispers and laughing, I had suckers applied to my nipples. The chastity was removed and my little buddy got wired up for some intense electrical play and sounding. The nipple suckers were eventually removed and my nipples were pulled and tweaked and exposed to shock treatment as well.
I was told this was part of the Deluxe Spa Treatment. Mistress Ayn discovered a butt plug harness and a rather large sized butt plug that they decided to see if it would fit yours truly.
While still restrained, the process of stretching my little slut hole began with various sized dilators and vibrators.
When satisfied with the prep work, I was released and led back into the Dungeon and strapped to a spanking bench. Mistress Ayn decided to spit roast me before inserting the butt plug. Goddess Samantha absolutely agreed. I mentioned that I did not see that on the Spa Menu, to which Goddess Samantha quickly replied, "you didn't read the fine print" With that, they both got ready. When they reappeared, Mistress Ayn was wearing the smaller of the two cocks, while Goddess Samantha's was a lot longer, thicker and more menacing. Certainly way bigger than my previous two experiences with strap play. Mistress Ayn took me from behind first while Goddess Samantha ordered me to suck her cock. With hand and legs secured, all I could do was take it. Goddess Samantha forced her big cock deeper into my mouth causing me to gag and spit while Mistress Ayn pounded my ass.
Then it was time to switch...Goddess Samantha inserted that big cock in my ass and slowly went deeper and deeper and wasn't satisfied until she was balls deep and began pounding away while Mistress Ayn made me clean off her cock in my mouth.
The large butt plug was then inserted and strapped in place. I was then released and instructed to lay down on the bondage table. My boots were finally removed and I was told I was going to receive a Dom Foot Massage. I was again blindfolded and with my legs strait out, I was ordered to stay absolutely still and not move my legs or feet. The bottom of one of my feet was treated to a very heavy flogger or crop, while the other one was hit with a cane. I was then placed in a Frog Tie Harness with my ankles strapped to my thighs. The bondage mitts were secured to the Frog Tie Straps and once again I couldn't move. Mistress Ayn loves to torture my nipples and I discovered Goddess Samantha is just as evil. The two of the them managed to put clamps on my nipples and somehow secure them to the straps around my legs so tight that any movement on my part caused a sharp pain when I even moved the slightest little bit. By the way, these two play a little game that can have consequences if you mess up. During the entire session, it was made clear to address Mistress Ayn as "Mistress" and Goddess Samantha as "Goddess". To accidentally address either one incorrectly would not be tolerated without punishment. I managed to stay on point for most of the session. It became especially challenging when blindfolded. Well while in my last predicament on the bondage table, in addition to all that was already going on, Mistress Ayn hooked me up to her Venus 2000 and fired that thing up while Goddess Samantha began tugging and tweaking my already incredibly sore nipples. I finally messed up, not once, but twice. They both tortured my nipples and tickled and scratched causing me to squirm all over the place, causing the clamps to tug on my nipples even harder. And with that, our Spa Day was over. I was totally relaxed, and sore. I wouldn't have it any other way. We all decompressed for a little while and chatted. What a fantastic day.
This was my first double session. I don't know how it could get any better. Goddess Samantha is a gem. Throw Mistress Ayn in the mix and prepare for the time of your life!!
These Two play very well together. Love them both

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