I have been fortunate to meet and play with Mistress Ayn of Atlanta during one of her trips to DC. We have had such good sessions here that this month I made a special trip to Atlanta to see here at her home base of Atlanta Dungeon. She has such a combination of voice, looks, and language that gets me into subspace almost instantly. Just being in her presence makes me feel happy, safe and ready to try my best to please her.

This session was no different. Once the meet and prep time was over she had me tied to a cross and quickly helpless. She then used cord to capture and tie off my balls which I love. She then used a flogger to strike my nipples and balls with remarkable accuracy. Now nipple play I love but have never been a big fan of having my balls hit. However, because of our connection I found myself thrusting out my pelvis to give her a better target. When she says "Take it for me" I want nothing more than to meet her desires to the maximum of my ability.

The next step was a heavy metal clamp added to my manhood to increase the pressure. She then moved me to her bondage chair and added weights to the clamp to make the CBB even better. She then put on the most lovely leather gloves which is a real hot button for me. She teased various parts of me with her gloves and drove me insane. By the time she was done I was emotionally spent and thinking I couldn't give much more than I already had and we still had some 2 hours of time to go together. Mistress Ayn got me out of the chair and then let me get back to earth with some lovely worship of her leather boot, gloves and skirt. This was very calming and let me gather my emotions for the next step.

Mistress Ayn then let me rest for a short time while she put on her strap on that would lead to some great SOT. After being allowed to worship her strap on she was ready for more and tied me to her bench with ass up. She then spent time prepping me for a great pounding by using various plugs and vibrations to loosen me up. I was now ready but she said she wanted to look me in the eye while she pounded me so I was moved to her sling. After her prep work there was no problem getting deep and making me her clear and drooling bitch. I can say I am sure we both had a great time. I was feeling ultra-submissive and I feel confident is saying she was in high top space.

After some down time to reset we were ready for the finale. She had me put on a gasmask with rebreather bags that could be used for breath control. I was then tied to her bondage bed and she broke out the Venus2000 and her nipple massagers. Mistress Ayn is an absolute master at the use of the Venus to extract the most explosive finish to any scene. Her expert use of the dials led to teasing and edging while controlling my air with the mask. Over and over I thought this was the end but she would stretch it out again. It was the most fantastic ride that finally ended in the most intense whole body explosion I have ever known:)

So in conclusion I heartily endorse both Mistress Ayn and Atlanta Dungeon. If you and her are compatible you will have a fantastic time together. And the dungeon while actually in a major US city is remarkably secluded with free on site parking that makes the logistical part of the session very easy. I know I can't wait until her next trip here to DC or my next trip to Atlanta:)