Last Month I was lucky enough to spend 5 hours with Irene Boss at her wonderful Compound in Pittsburgh, PA. I have seen her frequently (but never frequently enough frown ) for the last 3 years. Even though I am in my 20th year of visiting Pro-Dommes I never leave a session with her without having tried some new piece of equipment or type of play. One of her many outstanding features that I love is that she is a BDSM gearhead. Her mind is always turning and coming up with some new angle or take on a bondage position or type of electric torment, etc. And that gadget/toy loving mind helps make her the best electric BDSM player I have ever known. She has also been willing to push further with one of my favorite activities, breath play. With each visit I know she will take me a little farther and make me struggle just that much more for her. So as I approached the Compound I was anticipating a wondrous series of rides on the Ms. Boss train and as always she did not disappoint.

Over the five hours I spent at the compound that day I was strapped into three completely different type of bondage chairs (she knows chair bondage is my absolute favorite), placed into suspension, and put into one of the most comfortable spanking/ass play benches I have ever been in. With each round of helplessness inducing bondage she would take me on ever cresting rides of internal orgasmic bliss. She would use her knowledge of my fetishes and weak points to bring me to a state of having a pelvic orgasm over and over. These Boss patented rides are so wonderful and of course frustrating at the same time. By the end of our time together I was just a puddle of worn out mush in a subspace of happiness.

A few general notes for my fellow subbies/bondage enthusiasts here:

If you are a gear head and love bondage gear make sure to see Ms. Boss. Whether in her Pittsburgh home-base, or when she travels to DC, Orange County, New York or Chicago. You will not regret it. She has traveling down to a science and always seems to have new gear to play with even on the road.
Speaking of pictures one of the unique things I have done with Ms. Boss is have her take pictures of my bondage scenes. Her bondage is always so well done and she makes me feel like a beautiful bondage model with her pictures. It has gone so well she now posts the pics on twitter which delights my exhibitionist side to no end. Having those pics afterward is great because it makes it so easy to relive past sessions with her.

I hesitated to take time to write this review as I don't really think there are many out there who don't already know the things I have said. In the end it seemed worthwhile to put in my two cents for anyone interested enough to read this. I hope you all have a great fall season and get plenty of your favorite play grin

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