I first saw her ad on Eros. She is new young LA Domme (at least new to me). My work has been crazy and just could not get around to doing a r/t session but this lady intrigued me so much I decided to do a 1/2 hour phone session. We exchanged a couple emails to discuss what I wanted to experience during this phone session. Last night at 8pm my phone rang and the voice said Ken? and I am Goddess Asia are you ready?

I am more a r/t guy and have never done a phone session and did not know what to expect but Goddess Asia was awesome! The phone session was so very creative and she was well prepared. There was never any lulls or anything and it was incredible. It was a wonderful experience and can't wait for the r/t session She is a knockout. Very creative and very smart. I loved it.

Oh to hurt for a Superior Woman.............may i surrender to You?