Hey yinz guys,

Im finally getting round to tellin yinz about my visit with Ms Boss nat. I did visit da Compound a while back when the beautiful Mistress Miranda from across da pond in merry England came over nat. This is that tale of the day.

So like the day of the appointment comes round and Im filled up with excitement to see the gorgeous Ms Boss since it was a long time since my last session. First off the house needed reddin up befores going dahn to see Miss Boss cause yinz dont wanna havta come back to a messy place after yinz session nat. Then I got all warshed up nat cuz yinz dont wanna show up smellin like the Mon river nat when you turn up at da Compound or shell get real mad nat you aint been paying attention to details. Now a drive through the tubes and past dahntahn on the parkway since I live on the other side of tahn from duh Compound. Now I timed my arrival nat just perfect cuz I didnt wanna be late or too early which is all important stuff dat mum always tolds me when I was learnin stuff.

Finally, at da Compound after dodging the orange barrels and detours since yous know in Pixburgh deres 2 seasuns, winter and construxion. Whew, when I knocked on da door nat, Ms Boss came walkin down the stairs like at one hot movie star in at movie where yer jaws drop when yinz see her nat.

After getting inside I was transformed into whore trixie and away the fun began. I spent time with Ms Boss and den some time with Mistress Miranda, shes from England ya know so its not like every day I get this opportunity to see how lovely she is in person. She speaks real English nat, like for real English English so I wuz havin trouble with instruxion sumtimz and I had to think real hard like yous know like when yinz was back in school and yous had da hot teacher and your mind was all like, Listen up dummy shes talkin nat So then the 2 of em ganged up on me like when my girlfriend found out I asked summum else to da homecoming dance first cuz ya know sumtimez yous gotta reach for the stars.

At the ends of it all I wuz given choices and da 1 I reallys did wants came with a caveat nat of 5 cane strokes. I didnt want no more parts of a whuppin since I was all tired up by now. When I gots home later my bum was red as an iron ingot just outta the mill and stung like when I was bein all nebby tryin to spy on that cute girl down the road and her father caught me and I had to run aways through the jaggerbush and it tore all through my shorts. Yeah, yinz know the feeling dontcha? I gotta go rest up on the davenport for the next time.


Whore Trixie

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