I recently saw the exquisite Ms Boss for another scene. I've been seeing her pretty regularly and each time she is better and better. She is an extraordinary woman who is poised and shows much confidence not just with herself, but also with me. She can be easily admired by her composure and by the way she takes care of herself physically and by being health conscience. When we meet, it is always a good combination of playing and CP.
I came in mostly as a spanko, but now Ms Boss has incorporated different BDSM activities. Each time seems to come together pretty perfect as did this one.

Ms Boss decided that this session would start with CP and end with playing. And that's exactly what happened. It started with pretty severe, yet caring corporal. Somehow, she pretty much knows what to give and my limits. She put me in bondage and secured me tightly, but just right. Ms Boss is the queen of bondage, by the way, as everyone knows. She proceeded by laying out the implements nicely so I could see them and added her secret weapon, "Sandy" this huge sorority paddle, in case I became out of line. Of course, I didn't. She started with the "nasty bastard", a rubber sturdy cane which hurt like hell. Besides the fact that there was no warm-up on my bare naked poor butt!! That didn't help matters at all ! Then numerous very stingy straps which were also pretty painful. By the end, after about 100 whacks total, my butt was on fire! It was probably the hardest I've endured so far. We moved over to the Berkeley for a cool down and peaceful whipping and cropping, and some tickling fun. (I'm glad my feet were far away!!) It was relaxing and a good way to settle my butt down. Lastly, off to the bed for a hand spanking. Surprisingly, this part is also pretty calming to me and I like it! Ms Boss sat on me to distribute 1500 smack-a-roos!! It was quite bearable and she is light as a feather now that she has become stunningly fit !

She continues to amaze me by the way she tailors each scene for me and for everyone really "to the t." By talking with her and listening to her give advice, it's easy to see how educated and intelligent she is. She is not only a well-tuned professional in every way, but also truly a good person.