I am scheduled to see Irene Boss during her upcoming trip to DC and it reminded me that a review of our previous sessions was way overdue. This will be the 4th time I have sessioned with Domina and I do so because of her professionalism, her care and approach for her clients and her most effective tool in her tool box, her mind!!

I first sessioned with Domina in a combined session with Mistress Tyler (another highlight of my life and a story for another day). But I was curious about having a one on one session with the Legendary Irene Boss so I reached out to her and setup a session when she visited town the next time. I am not a machoist by any stretch of the imagination, but I wanted to explore and challenge myself so I asked for a 4 hour session with heavy corporal and bondage, eye contact and speech restrictions and immediate control as soon as I walked in the door. And boy did she deliver.

She met me at intake dressed in a black see through silk full length gown and black high heel shoes. I was immediately ordered to undress and get on the ground on all fours before her. The manner in which she did so caught me off guard even though I requested it. That is how commanding this Woman is. While on the ground staring at her beautiful high heels, I was given the rules and restrictions for the session. From there she had me stand up and she fitted me with a tremendously punitive mouth gag which she told me she had gotten in Germany. I soon found out I could not handle this gag, but Domina was there at the ready to help me break from the scene momentarily to remove it.

Next, I was forced to crawl naked to the main dungeon room where she proceeded to strap me down to a bondage bed and prepared for corporal. She initially warmed me up with a small tawse which hurt, but I was able to manage. It was then that Domina introduced me to her Convent Strap. And it was here that any confidence I had was broken. She subjected me to 50 of the strap and after the first 5 I really didn’t think I could make it. After 25 I was tearing up and realized I was in over my head. However, we took a break at that point and Domina gave me words of encouragement and helped me through the last 25.

This is where I felt her strength. She was uncompromising in her goal to push me and didn’t let me tap out, but she pushed me to complete what I had started. At one point, she little held my hand in support. One hand punishing me with that evil strap and in the other supporting me and helping me get through it. And I did. I cried and my bravado shrank to nothing, but I got through with her help. I felt so proud. Like I did it for her.

After that, I think we established a bond and the remainder of the session I did my best for her. Not as equals, but as someone who understands his role in the hierarchy and accepts it. Domina moved me over a bench, strapped me down and then took me with her strapon, claiming my anal virginity. Though having never done that before, I did my best to give her a good ride and was proud that I showed no resistance to her.

We finished up after 4 hours with me, quite tired, on all fours in front of Domina where she sat on a chair in front of me, legs crossed, high heels dangling in front of me. She took some time to let me cool down and process what I had been through. I felt completely tamed and relaxed oddly enough. From there, she allowed me to release at her heels in a show of respect, all the while having me repeat a mantra “My Wife is my Boss. Domina is my trainer”.

Domina takes A LOT of time to coordinate the session and to make sure that she fully understands what her clients are trying to achieve. Then she goes through exacting detail in preparation and execution of that plan, together with her own creative contributions to the session.

I continue to see Domina because I trust her so deeply. This trust began by reading up on her reputation and has grown through experience. You truly do get everything you ask for and more. And she is the best mistake I have ever made…and keep making.