Domina Irene Boss recently came to DC again and I had a chance to see her once more. Over our sessions together, I have had a chance to explore a variety of fetishes and scenes, but the purpose and execution of this session was much different due to changes that have occurred in my marriage. This time around, I was seeing Domina for lifestyle training.

As Domina knows, my wife and I have been married for 15 years and have had fun incorporating S&M from time to time as part of our sex life. However, in late August, at the end of a female dominant themed scene my wife playfully hinted that she would cut me off from sex for an entire month. She had been increasingly dominant in our marriage ever since. By the time Domina was to visit DC in late November, I had been 3 months without sex, and 20 days without masturbation. I reached out to Domina for a session this time, but relayed all the specific details of my current situation at home. Domina seemed very interested in the new power dynamic in my marriage and explained to me that she would definitely get me trained correctly. In written email exchanges to prepare for the scene, I think Domina really took to the idea of training me specifically to obey my wife. She has always been a wonderfully attentive professional for as long as I have seen her, but something in Domina sparked up at this new dynamic. Domina explained that my Wife is now my Owner, but for the session I should consider myself on loan to Domina and that she would be expected of me. I was to stay chaste until the session and I was to show up wearing panties to further my humiliation. Due to my extreme foot fetish, I was to address to Domina as “Foot Boss”.

I showed up at Ms Lynn’s place and was about to call from my car to ask to come in, when Domina opened up the sliding glass door to the house and told me to get my ass inside. Shocked, I ran quickly inside and closed the door. I turned to find myself gazing and one of the most beautiful sights I think I have ever seen. Domina was the very image of feminine dominance. She wore a black see through silk full length gown, black high heel shoes, and the very bra and panty combination from her website that I had told her I loved so much. She stood tall with her hands on her hips and through me a steely eyed gaze that cut through any machismo I may have brought with me. My jaw must have dropped because I do remember the corner of her lips curl up in a thinly veiled smile as she saw my reaction to her beauty. That moment lasted all of three seconds before she lit into me and ordered me to the ground before her. There was I was before I knew it on all fours and eyes cast on her high heels. From there, she began the process of verbally dressing me down. She made me take off my pants to show the panties I was wearing and laughed at my predicament. I knew this humiliation was coming, but it still was effective.

After being given further female attire, I changed in the bathroom and came back to Foot Boss wearing a garter belt and panty hose to go along with my panties. She then had me crawl behind her to the main room of the house. There, she had me lay on my back while she fitted me with a chastity device. Foot Boss first suggested she might put me in a Kali’s bracelet device which has spiked teeth in it that bite into the penis should the wearer get aroused. I was so scared she would put me in that device given how long I had been chaste and what Foot Boss was wearing. Mercifully, Foot Boss put me in a clear plastic device and locked me tight. She then teased me with the key which she put in her earring. Watching that key dangle from her ear through the session turned out to be absolute torture as I was already desperate for release when I arrived.

That is when the corporal punishment began. Foot Boss started me off with what she called a warmup. I was to be subjected to 500 spankings. If you’d ever experienced it you would know, Domina packs quite a wallop for her size. I took my 500, but needed a breather afterward which I was permitted. Next, I was strapped face down to a bondage horse. Once firmly in place, Foot Boss humiliated me further by putting me in Ballet bondage shoes. I was stuck there, strapped down, in panties, garter belt, and female high heel shows while she paraded around teasing me in that skimpy bra and panties with the key to my chastity belt dangling from her earring. I was then subjected me to what seemed like 1 hour of straight corporal. Paddlings were followed by the convent strap, then a tawse, finally a brief taste of her whip. Throughout the corporal, I was told that I needed this and sometimes Foot Boss brought up my wife’s issues with my behavior (things I had shared with her in email correspondence). By the time the corporal ended, I was literally and figuratively beaten. That’s when Foot Boss introduced the strapon. While still tied down to the bondage horse, Foot Boss slowly fastened the harness to her strapon in directly in front of me. Taunting me with what was to come. She then mounted me from behind and I really can’t remember much from there. There were so many stimuli going on. I was in inescapable bondage, receiving her thrusts, and responding to her verbal prompts. At one point, as she road me from behind, she lifted up one of her legs and dug the heel of her shoe into my back and laughed; which was completely humiliating.

When she felt I had enough, Foot Boss released me from the bondage horse, took off my ballet bondage shoes, and retired to a high back chair. She directed me to crawl to her and lay completely prostrate at her feet to relax and reflect. At that moment, at the feet of Irene Boss, I realized I’m not just a fetishist, not even just a sub. I want to be owned. I want to serve my wife and be the best husband I can be. Foot Boss let me process this for a few moments and then stated that I had done well and that I was allowed to kiss her feet as a reward. I kissed Foot Dom’s feet and, in retrospect, realized I did so for several reasons: In appreciation for Domina’s training, in response to her beauty, and in admittance of my proper place at the feet of my Trainer (and by proxy) and my Wife.
As a final reward for my obedience and submission, Domina decided I had been good enough to be granted release; though she let me know it would not be as I might have hoped for. I quickly found out what she meant as she did not reach for her earring and the key to my chastity device. My penis was throbbing so badly at this point and I really was looking forward to masturbating before Foot Boss. But instead she stood me up on a high bondage chair, strapped my wrists and my ankles behind me and I found myself completely exposed without the ability to touch myself. Foot Boss then pressed her body up against mine and teased me heavily. After 3 hours of seeing her in such a skimpy outfit I thought I was going to lose it right there. She then walked over to her toy box and came back with a Hitachi Magic Wand Massager. Foot Boss told me that if I was going to come at all it was going to have to be a ruined orgasm while still in the chastity device. She then turned on the massager. With one hand she moved the massager up and down against my penis inside the chastity device, with the other hand she grabbed my head and forced me to look at various parts of her body. Her feet, her breasts, her face. All the while she was reaffirming the lessons of the day. “You are going to go home and obey your wife, correct?” “You are not going to masturbate without her permission, right”. “You are going to do your chores, make her dinner, and do as she tells you!” I believe I answered all her commands in the affirmative. I do remember her positioning my head to look down at her high heeled feet when she said that she better not hear otherwise because she does make house calls. At that point, I lost it and asked permission to come. Foot Boss granted permission and I unleashed 20 days of cum built up inside me. As it came out, Domina captured it on her gloved hand and rubbed it all over my face and laughed at me. Exhausted, I sat totally exposed, unable to remove my own cum from my face. I had been trained and drained by Foot Boss.

After cleaning up, we closed out the session at the front door again. Domina had me kneel in front of her and we recapped what I had learned today. She restarted her order that I go home and make my wife dinner that night. I agreed. I was then allowed to rise from my feet and give her a big hug. I left shortly after that; aware of who I really am and what is best for my wife, me, and our marriage.

For those of you who might be interested in serving your wife for the betterment of your relationship, I implore you to reach out to Irene Boss and ask for a submissive husband training session. I assure you she will provide you with the training, life wisdom, and structure you need to treat your wife like a queen. I’m glad I took the chance and I’m glad I’ve had Irene Boss as my teacher and mentor on the journey.

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