Having sessioned with some of L.A.'s best and most beautiful domes for the past 15 plus years, I was hesitant when I first saw King Lexa's ad pop up on Backpage just over a year ago. She seemed brand new and the pics seemed too good to be true. Iím so happy I took the plunge and sessioned with her, because what followed has been the most amazing year of sessions Iíve experienced in my 15 plus years of seeing L.A.ís best and most beautiful dommes.

She was, at that point, brand new to the scene, but I discovered quickly that she was take charge, confident, and had that very rare intuition that quickly understood exactly what made me tick and what buttons to push. Since then her skills have only gotten better, her incall location has upgraded to a high end location and she has become, in my estimation, one of L.A.ís legends, along the lines of Isabella Sinclaire and Simone Kross, both of whom I served for long periods. And Lexaís only in her early twenties. Scary.

She has model looks and a killer body that is the result her obsession with health, diet and exercise. The photos are accurate. She is that hot.

Lexa is also completely in control, but attune to the session dynamic that puts me into a deep subspace. Everything seems so natural, nothing forced (well, some things are forced, in a good way), nothing fake.

I wonít get into details (feel free to pm with questions), but when I first started sessioning with her I had dabbled in full toilet, but was quite inexperienced with it, and it was an area where I wanted my limits pushed and expanded. She hasnít just pushed them, sheís blown right through them like a freight train and taken me to places I had only dreamed and fantasized about. I really canít believe how intense some of our sessions have been, and how sheís had me do things I didnít think I was capable of.

And when the session is over, and itís time to decompress and chat for a few minutes, Lexaís cool as shit. A genuinely nice, good person with a great attitude.

Thanks Lexa! Itís been a wild roller coaster so far, but I sure donít want to get off and I canít wait to see what the new year brings!