I second Rico's post. I have served Goddess Lexa several times but mostly as a GS slave. She wanted me to try full toilet training and kept pushing my boundaries but in a very delicate manner such that I did not feel shoved into it.

I kept serving her for about 7 months as a piss slave and tried BS once. She worked well to get into my psyche and understand what I need to get there... all the time nudging me along!

Finally, in Jan 2017, we were successful! Man I tell you, I feel submissive to her now and it was a greatest session I have had so far.. And I have been in the BDSM life since 2008!

Once of the best dommes ( in fact I would say the BEST so far) I have met. No one could get me even close to what she has been able to do.

And yes, she is freaking hot!! That helps as well in a session as such the one I had
I lok forward to serving her many more years!.