Spanked by Ms Boss, (to say the least) !!

Happy Spankin Birthday!
Wow! Did I have a butt spanked bday given by the best in the business--- Ms Boss!
I've been seeing Ms Boss consistently over the past year or so. I mainly started to session with her as a spanko and for CP. I felt like that's what I needed in order to stay on the straight and narrow with some of my lifes' issues. Mostly because that is all I knew. Pretty harsh punishments and negative thoughts. I had seen a lady before Ms Boss who portrayed spanking as just that. Boy was she wrong! I'm seeing the light finally thanks to Ms Boss. I can come and see Ms Boss and leave my problems and life at the door, instead of bringing them in with me. A good feeling and way more satisfying. Now don't get me wrong, I still probably need some CP thrown in, but not nearly what I thought. Ms Boss has demonstrated such positive energy and has taught me another side of all of this BDSM and spanking. A real positive experience and I'm grateful for that. I am pretty new to the different types of scenes you can have. But, somehow I knew that Ms Boss would eventually slowly work parts of BDSM into me. Mutually agreeable. And that I would enjoy more than a pure CP session. So, back to my bday scene. It started with a traditional singing of "Happy Birthday" but in a straight jacket and mask and roped to a bondage chair. Singing is probably not one of Ms Boss's talents(heehee) but I appreciated it and enjoyed it very much sung by only the way she can project it. I've come to love bondage and having that secure feeling. Anyways, she sang in her sly voice and ended with her little demon-like laugh that means you are in for it and now all hers. Well, I knew I wasn't put in the chair for just a birthday song. I had on a red spandex body suit, which I've also come to enjoy especially when Ms Boss wears one too, and I'm over her lap. The best! But, today she wore a favorite outfit of mine too. It's actually in the "boot bitch" clip with her leather bra and pants and heavy bullet belt. I love it. She also wore her hat that I think is a trademark of her. This oufit defines her and her domination. While, I sat in the bondage chair my red spandex covered thighs were sitting ducks wide open for her to torture. So that she did. Some enjoyable flogging and then a couple of straps tested the waters before the last strap which was by far the worst and would light them on fire! It was thick and when she said "6 of the best" on both I knew it was going to be very very stingy. And it didn't disappoint. Each one stung worse than the one before. I would thank her after each one and ask for another. I tried to do it pretty quickly to get it over with. Did that help? Hell no... but I did get to admire her fantastic yoga- fit body and outfit while taking it. It also helped very little. Lol. And my facial expressions verified that.

We then moved onto the comfy bench with my legs spread out and once again tied up in bondage. Her bondage skills also intrigue me. I wasn't sure of the plan now cause she always is a step ahead of what I'm thinking. Most people can't really do that with me. Well, I turned 47, so of course that became the magic number, sort of. Ms Boss said I would now get 4700 hand spanks, yep 4700. I thought to myself , "holy shit". I do enjoy hand spanking, but 4700! She knows I like hand spanking so this was my bday special. And let me tell you, she is a spanking machine!!! It was amazing and it went on forever. I don't even know how she kept tracked. I became lost in space, as usual and she kept going and going. She would stop here and there for some soothing and light massages which I'll take anytime. Her teasing , humor and sly remarks add a lot to the sessions. And make them complete. Finally, we made 4700 and my butt and even her hands were both pretty heated up. I never ever expected that. I didn't mind though at all! I can't wait to turn 48! Haha.....after that exhibition of "the best of handspanking", which by the way was a warm-up, she gave me 47 on each side with another strap in which I would count out loud for her. Sometimes becomes quite difficult and I have to focus because it stings and I lose track. Then some interesting cropping all over the place. Not bad at all . By then, I figured she would be tired cause my butt was..but no there was still enough energy for a caning with the "nasty bastard" .Not one of my favorites, but, none the less, 6 more of the best. Shittt! That would be the final round. After further inspection by Ms Boss, my butt had made it and was ok, sore for sure though. A bday hug was in order. Another incredible scene with Ms Boss and a wonderful ending to my birthday week!