A couple of weeks ago, I had another wonderful scene with Ms Boss. If you haven't seen her lately, you are seriously missing out ! Not only are her scenes so uniquely satisfying, but her physique these days is amazing. I consider myself now a pretty regular as far as seeing her, but each time I do seems like a new , different exciting experience. I'm really comfortable with Ms Boss now and feel like we have formed a lot of trust . I say this
because I was just a spanko when we met and now she has brought new BDSM activities into our scenes, which I never really planned on but thanks to her personal , trustworthy, and magic touch, it has been a blast!
As I arrived and called, I could hear Ms Boss' high heels coming down the steps providing anticipation immediately and it makes me smile and jittery at the same time. She opens the door and after the initial greeting, the scene starts . I am ordered to lock up all of my belongings and clothes , except for underwear. She keeps the key somewhere and if you are good, you can get your stuff back. If not, well...... that hasn't happened yet. Ms Boss has my spandex outfit ready to put on me. I guess you can say its become a fetish of mine. I like to feel the smoothness and slippery feeling, especially when I'm close to her, slip, sliding around. She places it on me as I'm impatiently waiting and getting into it too quickly with my hands above me on the door. We then proceed up the stairs slowly and into one of the rooms. In this case, we start on the punishment box for the warm-up spanking. She restrains my legs and wrists. And she begins the incredible 2000 hand spanking warm-up with a Iittle lecturing. Her voice adds much wit and is tantalizing throughout. I actually created this warm-up by opening my smart mouth as I do at times, saying 500 was NOTHING! So now we all pay for it. Sorry! (Not) She has a few new ways of spanking that cause more of a sting. So beware! As I am receiving them, I can't help but check her out and admire her heels, and actually she didnt know that I was also admiring her sexy, cute little toes too. Since she did notice me checking out her heels, she put a nice pair on me also a little later. Not really quite as attractive though.
After the warm up, we moved onto a bondage table in the other room. Ms Boss brought over a huge basket of rope to tie me up from head to toe. She is so precise and such an expert. Its fun watch her in action. I, so love her bondage ! Another acquired favorite of mine. She straightened up a few things which gave a fabulous view of her butt! Of course I didn't say anything, but it was picture perfect ! I had little mitts on my hands so I was helpless and could only just look wink After I was tightly secure, she began some sensual flogging. On this nite, it would send me quickly into another world. Its so relaxing to me and the rhythm and slaps just mesmerize me. Even when she begins to use the "scary, super" flogger, I just melt into the table. This seemed to last pretty long. We moved into the bedroom, which has such a cozy atmosphere, considering all the paddles, tawses, canes, brushes, etc hanging everywhere along with her large collection of books. I was allowed to choose 3 implements of my liking. Not an easy task for me. I am not a good "picker". Well, I chose this bristle free hairbrush, a strap which is a favorite of hers, and a smaller paddle. Its interesting because most of her implements come with a pretty good story. I was secured to the bench for the strap and received 50. Like I said, I'm not a good picker! The other 2 were OTK which I really didnt realize at the time. Both were stingy. But it was ok because then, of course, I needed a little extra TLC on my sore butt . And that is another favorite of mine, OTK over the lap of the Mistress! Love it! So, that's a wrap! Another sensual, exciting, and satisfying scene with Ms Boss 😁


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