It was far to long between visits to see Mistress Ayn. I needed to see Her, so I decided to fly up to Atlanta for the day and return home that evening. We set a date for our session.
In my communications with Mistress Ayn prior to our date, I requested a four hour "Intense" session. Well be careful what you ask for. Mistress pays attention to your every word.

When I arrived at the Dungeon, Mistress was dressed to KILL in sexy heels, latex leggings, latex corset, and top. Absolutely Gorgeous . I happened to bring along a few gifts for Her upcoming Birthday and a Latex Metallic Red Blazer. She put the Blazer on and you've never seen a more Beautiful Mistress. I couldn't keep my eyes off Her.

Now down to business. Four hours of "Intense" business.
I was ordered to my knees while Mistress placed me in wrist and ankle cuffs. Once that was done, I was ordered to the cross, facing Her with legs and wrists spread wide. On my last visit, I mentioned my nipples were no longer sore the following day. Such would not be the case by this days end. Mistress started by applying nipple bars and cinching them tight. While they started to do their work, Mistress Ayn selected a crop and a little nasty looking small composite cane. I have very few Hard Limits. One of them is Ball Busting. I expressed a curiosity in the past to explore this and Mistress Ayn obviously remembered.
I was about to get my first lesson. She began with the heavy flogger. Easy at first, then slowly increasing the intensity. She then proceeded to knee and kick them. I'm sure we'll expand on that experience in future sessions, but it was exciting to try. Next Mistress tied up my balls and proceeded to add, I have no idea how many, clothes pins (large and small) to my balls, shaft, and corona. While they did their work, She turned Her attention back to my nipples with that Nasty Nasty little cane. Between beating my nipples with that and trying to slap off the clips down below with it, the wrist cuffs on the cross was the only thing holding me up.
Released from the cross, I was again ordered to my knees and instructed to service Mistress' latex covered legs and ass. With pleasure! I thought to myself. While there, Mistress said I will be servicing Her cock. We retreated to the Medical Room so She could began preparing me. I was placed into a red bra and layed down on the Gyno Chair. I was strapped in tight, wrists secured, legs in the stirrups. Mistress slipped a device under the bra over my nipples. This device grabs and twists the nipples under power. Next a series of dilators were used to begin stretching my ass. Finally, an inflatable butt plug was added. An inflatable gag was strapped on next. Mistress wanted all my holes filled, so with that, out came the sounding rods.
The toy under the bra was removed. My nipples were super sensitive. Mistress Ayn then mercilessly pulled, pinched, twisted, and used her finger nails on them. Satisfied with Her prep work, I was released from the Gyno Chair, implements were removed and we went back into the Dungeon. I was placed back on my knees and my wrists were cuffed behind my back. Mistress Ayn appeared before me donning Her Strap On. She instructed me to suck her cock before She Fucked My Face. Humiliated and helpless, I did as She asked. Next I was ordered on to the Spanking Bench. Wrists and Legs strapped down, collar hooked to the bench with no room to move, balls tied, stretched and secured to the bench. I had a custom signature paddle made for Mistress Ayn. It was time to break it in. After more blows than I counted, I can honestly say, it was VERY effective. Add to that the fact that I could not move due to the restraints...very intense.
Mistress prepared to use Her cock and it wasn't long before She was pounding away. During this time She reached down to my incredibly sore nipples and began to pinch them again. Call it sub space or whatever, but I told Her "Harder", and boy did She respond to that request....Her strap on was replaced with a prostate toy. Mistress Ayn then went from one nipple to the other, back and forth applying pressure and whispering in my ear "Say It", to which I would reply "Harder" It was such an amazing high.
Mistress Ayn noticed my back had not received any attention yet. I was placed back on the cross with my back exposed to her. She began with a flogging. Lightly at first that eventually turned into full on blows. Next She selected a Dragon Tail and really went to work on my back like never before. When I thought I couldn't take anymore, She paused and whispered "I'm going to push you to the edge", and proceeded with another more intense flurry while just saying "Take It"
Mistress Ayn paused again, leaned in and said "Say It" To which I responded "Harder", And it was!! This went on for several more flurries. When it was over, every part of my body was shaking. Mistress Ayn stayed close and with a soft hand and voice, talked me back down to earth. Once released from the cross, I took Her into my arms for a grateful hug. But my ordeal was far from over. I was immediately placed in a leather hood with my ears plugged and ordered to lie down on a stretching table. Again, I was strapped down, legs and wrists secured, neck strapped down and blindfolded. I was then wired up for electrics and more CBT ensued. At some point my wrists were re secured above my head to the stretcher bar and cranked up tight. Then more attention to my nipples via clamps, finger nails, and Her very strong hands. Unable to barely squirm, all I could do was howl. Our time was up and I had to make plans to get back to the Airport. Before I left We chatted for some time. I already look forward to our next time together. I left for home with a huge smile. Hell I'm still smiling.
She is an Amazing Mistress. I'm so proud to be in Her company.
Love Her

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