Double dose session with Goddess Samantha and Mistress Ayn

I have sessioned with Goddess Samantha on two previous occasions and have come away totally spent. But I still have fantasied about two dominatrix's doing there thing with me. The Mistress Ayn is another gorgeous dominatrix at the Atlanta Dungeon that I was struck by. So I inquired with the Goddess Samantha if she liked to do doubles with The Mistress. I was informed that she loved doubles with the Mistress, and they had great chemistry together. So I set up a double session with the both of them. And found out the hard way that they are absolutely great together with great chemistry. They feed on each others sadistic streak. Finally the day had come to do this double, everything was ready.

Nervously I approached the dungeon door knocked and was greeted by two gorgeous lady's this time. I brought both of them a modest gift and after Goddess introduced me to the Mistress Ayn some small talk and a hug, I was directed to the wash room to disrobe.

Session begins as I reentered the dungeon where I am cuffed hand and foot by Goddess and neck collared by Mistress. I was then lead to the St. Andrews cross by the neck collar and Goddess then hooked me up hand and foot to the cross. Then the flogging began, Goddess on one side and Mistress on the other one blow after another. After the flogging, came the smacks across my ass, Goddess had the left cheek and Mistress had the right cheek, I was instructed to call out ether Goddess or Mistress according to which side I felt the smack. Faster and faster harder and harder, if I called out incorrectly I would receive an unbelievably hard crack across my ass for my mistake. I got plenty of those.

While Goddess continued to redden my back side, Mistress began the CBT from the front, this was becoming a mind overload. At this point I was turned around and hooked back up on the cross. Where Mistress attached a sort of nipple clamp made up of 2 small sticks about 10 in. long bound by rubber bands on each end and pinched the tip of my nipple between the sticks, this increased the sensitivity of my nips ten fold. Then Mistress continued the NT out came that little crop smack after smack, while Goddess fetched a section of rope and tied it around my balls good and snug and checked with a few good tugs.

At that point Goddess and Mistress switched positions Goddess continued the NT smacking pinching whippings with increasing intensity, at the same time Mistress attached a parachute around my nut sack and began loading it up with weights one after another until the box of weights was empty. Mistress saw I was still standing so she retrieved and old style clothes iron,(huge) I thought surly she will not try to attach that as well, but here it came, that amount of weight was bring me to my knees but I was hooked up on that cross and held up-rite. As if that amount of weight (a lot) wasn't enough Mistress instructed me to move my hips and make it swing, I guess I wasn't moving fast enough as she gave the weight a good kick, it was swing now.

I could hear Mistress conversing with Goddess "Oh look how hard his balls are under all that weight" said mistress, the both of them talking and joking over my predicament. I could tell these two really are enjoying what they do. This added a degree of humiliation to the seen as well. The whole time Goddess was working over my chest like a dominatrix with a vengeance. This became sensory overload and continued for some time.

The Goddess and Mistress like the professional experienced Dommes they are could tell before I did that I was reaching my limit. Mistress removed the weight and parachute from my nut sack and Goddess unhooked me from the cross. They allowed me a break and some cold water, I certainly needed one after that workout.

Mistress then asked "was it your balls that reached there limit" I didn't really know, but at that point I found out that I really was not the pain slut I thought I was. Then I was sharply guided by the rope still attached to my balls over to the bondage table, and quickly secured hand and foot by both Goddess and Mistress. I again could hear Goddess and Mistress conversing and having a laugh over my next fate.

Soon the Mistress was attaching stick on contacts for a tens unit around my dick and nut sack while Goddess was setting up the tens controller. They tested the tens by how high I jumped when Mistress turned up the power. I was jumping pretty high when Mistress asked "what setting do you think that was (1 to 10)" I guessed a 7 or 8 "oh no that was a 2" said Mistress, and the power increases exponentially "now don't yell too loud because this unit will increase power by the amount of noise present" Then Mistress gave the control a good crank I about came off the table, that unit was really rattling my balls. Again and again Goddess and Mistress laughing loudly causing the energy to hit me harder and harder. I tried in vain to scream softly so as to not add to the volume. Goddess then thought I needed some more NT and added those dreaded clover clamps on my nips I was reaching that limit again.

Goddess noticed that limit coming on and decided to give me a real treat, climbed up on the bondage table and lowered that gorgeous ass on my face really hard, controlling my breath. Mistress then started asking me questions so when I would answer Goddess would squat down on my face hard and shut me up. Mistress really enjoyed that.

Mistress thought I perhaps was having too much fun and gave me a blast from the tens unit again, and I would have jumped off that table if I were not tightly bound to it. Again and again back and forth that way allowing me to only enjoy that beautiful ass on my face for short periods. When Goddess stepped down off the table she asked "did that smell like candy" Yes, it does. Goddess always smells like a freshly cracked tube of her favorite body wash. Mistress gave me a few more jolts of the tens to finish up. Seeing I was reaching my limit Goddess removed the clover clamps (OOOuch) and Mistress released me from the table.

Time for the Golden Shower, Mistress helped me off the table "don't let those dangley parts get caught on the webbing" instructed Mistress, I carefully hoped off the edge. I saw the pads on the floor, and knew what to do. Goddess and Mistress were having a laugh deciding who would go first on me. Mistress was first and I was told to close my eyes and open up. "Oh look at his mouth open like a little bird" said Mistress as she let her stream go filling my mouth and getting a good gulp of her nectar before it began to spill all over my face. When Mistress stood up I was asked, "what did that taste like". said Mistress. Oddly enough it kinda sorta tasted like a Mimosa. I was only half done, Goddess then let her stream go filling my mouth time and again I was getting gulp after gulp "he is closing his mouth" said Mistress "keep that mouth open" instructed Goddess, my face and hair were soaked but her nectar continued on. "What did that taste like" ask Goddess. I can say for sure that I have had some Chinese tee that was far worse. I was then released as the session ended. I was soaked from top of my head to my chest" Oh Potty face" said Mistress, then ask Goddess should we allow him to take a shower. Worried me for a moment but was then allowed to wash up. my nipples were bruised blue and my dick so sore from the energy of that tens I could barley hold it to take a leak.

Many thanks Goddess Samantha and Mistress Ayn for giving me a double dose session, what I ask for, just the way I like it.