I had the pleasure of meeting King Lexa a few days ago. We met at a coffee shop near the Irvine Spectrum shopping center (and also near where she conducts sessions). She was absolutely not what I expected based on what I had seen of her online. Originally, I had expected her to be sort of a brat/princess/gimme, gimme, gimme person. That expectation started to change with our correspondence on fetlife. She was a surprisingly good communicator using fully formed sentences, correct syntax, and grammar. That was so welcome given the hip hop speak that so many use.

The woman I met came across as sophisticated, educated, and elegant... clearly not a princess and, indeed, a King! Despite the fact that she was dressed very casually, she was magnificent to behold. Her commanding presence caused heads to turn and put butterflies in my stomach. I asked her to bring a sample of her shit for me to taste and she graciously did that for me. It was nice sitting there in the cafe with our drinks and my little shit snack. I was interested because someone had posted that her shit was hard to swallow and they never responded to my query about why it was difficult. I found her shit to be firm, not rock hard, but easy enough to bite and chew. The taste was your basic shit taste (you toilets know what I mean) with a hint of herbs. She said she eats a lot of plant based protein and that probably accounted for the pleasant taste. I wish it were a little more moist rather than so dry. It may have been more moist when originally produced and dried out as it was wrapped in paper towel.

I like her attitude - she has a good sense of how subs think, emote, and react. I like that her sessions start with the sub affirming why they are there; that prevents any mental evasion by the sub and keeps it real. She is a professional and her Pay to Play policy is strictly enforced; when my time was up she was quick to leave. That is not necessarily bad - you just need to know what to expect. As long as you follow her policy you will have a good time with her.
I am a shit eater; a human toilet for hot dominant women to use.

Mature white male.