A respectful review of my recent heavy latex/rubber session with Mistress Ayn of Atlanta.
While I'm not a very frequent visitor to pro Mistresses I have had some experience over the years along with being a life long rubber fetishist.
My experience with Mistress Ayn was everything and more I could have hoped for!

First, communication with Her was easy - following Her website instructions to begin discussions of my experience and desires via email was easy and well documented. Be willing to be honest and completely open with Her on all your interests; your honesty will pay off as I describe below.

After working out scheduling and instructions for me via email, the day of our session arrived.
I was nervous and excited when I called to get final instructions to arrive at Her dungeon but She was a calming force on the phone and easily guided me to a safe and timely arrival to Her location despite the chaos of Atlanta traffic.

Our first meeting was intoxicating to me as a rubber fetishist, once I was safely inside Mistress Ayn greeted me dressed in a delicious black rubber catsuit and rubber corset. I was overwhelmed and I know I stumbled over my words of greetings and thanks for Her time as I was amazed by Her beauty in rubber. She simply took command of me from that moment, knowing the effect She had on me and gently but firmly guided me in discussion over the heavy rubber gear I brought with me to use during the session and finalized expectations. Additionally Mistress gave me a tour of the playspace, several rooms to play in and so much wonderful gear!

This is where being honest and completely open with Mistress Ayn helped the most as She knew I had a phobia about being abandoned during play (a bad BDSM experience one time many years ago) so She kept the communication with me open at all times allowing me to quickly relax and properly submit totally to Her.

Mistress Ayn clearly read me like an open book and had me against a bondage cross submitting to a proper flogging within minutes, warming my back side up properly so my sensitivity to my latex gear was heightened. After that, I was soon quickly encased in my latex catsuit and allowed to provide Mistress a proper shine on Her catsuit and corset. Doing a proper job, I was allowed to worship Her latex encased self - such a gift to a rubber fetishist!
Then it was off to the medical room where I found myself quickly but safely restrained to the medical table, one of my gasmasks strapped on completing my full latex encasement and then submitted to wonderfully "evil" electrical stimulation and anal training. Again I was shown how Mistress Ayn could read me like a book as She worked me over gently but firmly, I relaxed quickly under Her command and was soon overwhelmed with stimulation and struggles under Her control. Quickly slipping into subspace as She controlled me I lost track of time, lost in the varied simulations and lost under Her control. An absolutely wonderful experience!

Honestly at this point I didn't want the medical "experiments" to end but Mistress Ayn had more in mind for me. I had brought with me one of my prize heavy rubber items, an inflatable latex bondage bag, and Mistress Ayn had wonderfully evil plans for it and me.
Within a few minutes I was out of the medical room, out of my latex catsuit, strapped into a new gasmask and zipped up into the inflatable latex bag. Just before finishing zipping me up, Mistress added a different electrical stimulation device to my backside, instructing me on what was to happen with it so I was prepared. Then I was encased in my bag and efficiently blown up in it, Mistress Ayn keeping up the communication the whole time making sure I was fine inside my latex encasement. Now that I was completely bound in latex and fully helpless, Mistress connected the electrical stimulation toy and then began a slow ramp up of the power. It was amazing, I'd only had little experience with electrical toys before and this was intense. Then Mistress added her Venus 2000 to the mix and it was off to the over-stimulation races as I was bucking and fighting my bondage in the latex bag and the amazing stimulation from both toys going at me at once. Again I lost track of time as Mistress Ayn played my mind and body like an instrument, even under all that latex She kept me on the edge for a very long time...

Once it was all over I was exhausted from fighting my bondage, giddy happy from my rubber subspace experience and still Mistress Ayn was firmly in control of me; the calm in the storm one might say. Mistress got me water (latex encasement will make you sweat like crazy, part of the fun though), I was allowed to shower, unwind from my experience and discuss it all with Mistress while we cleaned up my gear. I swear I babbled like a silly latex loving sub but Mistress Ayn was fine with it all.

Beautiful, graceful and commanding with it being natural, Mistress Ayn is amazing. And She so appreciates and understands latex/rubber play! I will certainly visit Her again for a latex/rubber session in the future and recommend Her highly for anyone with a love for latex/rubber.

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